Poem of the week: Nights by Dorothy Lawrenson

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A poem to be found in Dorothy Lawrenson’s new collection, The Year (Perjink Press), captures the late autumn feeling: not only the weather and the darkness, but also that dreamy, cocooned feeling you get, and the urge to be tucked up safe and warm with a loved one. Dorothy Lawrenson is a painter as well as an artist, and the founder of the Perjink Press.

Nights when a fox leaves

footprints in late frost

or rain suddenly wakes me

from a dream of rain. The wind

hurls leaves against the window

like a playful suitor.

Your forget-me-not eyes

are closed, your ragged-robin lips

parted. Our legs entwined, we

honeysuckle up together in the dark.

You can borrow The Year from the Scottish Poetry Library, 5 Crichton’s Close, Edinburgh EH8 8DT. Tel: 0131-557 2876, e-mail reception@spl.org.uk or see www.spl.org.uk for details.