Best Edinburgh Fringe shows to keep the kids interested

As the number of families attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival increases each year, so too grows the number of shows and events which are aimed at children.

The Amazing Bubble Man will be appearing at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.
The Amazing Bubble Man will be appearing at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

Kids being notoriously picky by nature, there’s thankfully a diverse variety of options to choose from, but deciding on the right show from all the hundreds available can still prove one hell of a challenge.

So, to help make your task a little easier, we’ve picked out some of the top children’s shows from the 2017 Fringe programme that are bound to keep the wee ones (and not so wee ones) entertained this August.

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The Amazing Bubble Man - Suitability: U (0 and older)

Children’s Shows (magic, science)

Underbelly, George Square (Venue 300) ​ 11:30 Aug 3-28

With over 30 years of experience, Louis Pearls explores the breathtaking dynamics of bubbles. The Amazing Bubble Man thrills audiences with spellbinding bubble tricks which mesmerise everyone, combining artistry and comedy with audience participation. From square bubbles to rocket bubbles, this show promises to elicit laughter and amazement from people of all ages.

5 Children and It - Suitability: U (6 and older)

Children’s Shows (storytelling, theatre)

C Royale (Venue 6) ​ 11:55 Aug 13-19

Through the timeless words of E Nesbit herself;’5 Children and It’ tells the story of five siblings who meet a magical sand fairy called The Psamiad. The Psamiad grants the children one wish each day, and from thereon chaos ensues. Through puppetry and physical performance, an all-female cast of performers from Putney High School will bring Nesbit’s magical book to life for anyone aged 6-600.

CeilidhKids at the Fringe – Free! - Suitability: U (3-7)

Children’s Shows (dance, workshop)

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (Venue 170) ​ Times vary. Aug 3-16, 18-21, 23, 25-27

This event is a family workshop in Scottish Ceilidh dancing, suitable for children aged 3-7 years old with parents or carers. Everyone gets involved to skip, clap and march together to traditional Scottish music. Attendees of all ages can enjoy discovering the social aspects of dancing with a partner , through learning very simple (and simplified) dances that you may find at a ceilidh or a Scottish country dance.

Children’s Haunted Underground Experience - Suitability: PG (5-14)

Children’s Shows (site-specific, storytelling)

Meet outside Tron Kirk at Auld Reekie Tours Boards (Venue 129) ​12:30, 13:30 Aug 4-28

A costumed guide will take you into Edinburgh’s ‘haunted’ underground candle-lit vaults dating back to the 1700’s. Stories of Edinburgh’s dark, historic past will unfold about the poor, destitute criminals and thieves who resided in these vaults and the infamous characters that used to roam the cobbled streets, intent on robbing and body snatching. A unique visit which will never be forgotten.

Comedy Club 4 Kids - Suitability: PG (6 and older)

Children’s Shows (comedy, compilation)

Assembly Roxy (Venue 139) ​ 17:40 Aug 4-27

This show provides a variety of the international circuit’s best stand-ups, cabaret stars and sketch acts to perform for a family audience. Nish Kumar, James Acaster, Tom Allen and Bec Hill are among the big-name comics putting together a show which is ‘almost always of equal delight for parents too.’

The Polar Bears Go Up - Suitability: U (2-5)

Children’s Shows

Pleasance at EICC (Venue 150) ​ Times vary. Aug 10-13, 15-20, 22, 24-27

The Polar Bears are a couple of intrepid explorers famous for their wild expeditions. This time, the Polar Bears have lost their balloon and they need to get it back any way they can. They’ll be climbing trees, jumping on clouds and and reaching for the stars as they race up to space. One things for sure, the only way is up! Full of ‘imaginative surprises’ (Herald) This event is non-verbal and deaf friendly.

Gunge! – A Show With Gunge in It - Suitability: U (5-12)

Children’s Shows (interactive, comedy)

he Stand Comedy Club (Venue 5) ​ 13:35 Aug 5-6, 9, 11-12

Lee Kyle and friends bring the brilliant game show for kids and kids-at-heart adults back to the Fringe. This show combines audience participation, comedy and competition with gunge. A team of female comedians take on a team of male comedians, and the captain of the losing team gets covered in gunge. An incredibly popular show which is bound to keep the kids amused.