Banksy unveils Dismaland theme park ‘TV advert’

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BANKSY has released a “television advert” for his theme park Dismaland - promising visitors a place where “all your dreams come true”.

The clip, which lasts for two minutes and six seconds, was posted on the elusive Bristol artist’s website.

Banksy's exhibition theme park 'Dismaland' at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Picture: PA

Banksy's exhibition theme park 'Dismaland' at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Picture: PA

It opens with a shot of a semi-detached house with a people carrier parked outside before cutting to a family eating breakfast.

A narrator says: “Is there something missing in your life?” as the mother of the family pours milk into her son’s overflowing cereal bowl.

She nods as the narrator asks: “Do you need to get out more”, as her family - a son, daughter and partner - stare at the camera.

The family are seen sprinting from the house and into the car as the narrator continues: “Then stop what you’re doing and come to the happiest place on Earth.”

They are seen staring up at the Dismaland sign outside the attraction, at a derelict lido in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

“This is a theme park like no other,” the narrator says, as shots of the theme park flash on the screen.

Security checks are then carried out on the family in the cardboard entrance created by artist Bill Barminski.

The girl and boy put their bags through the scanner before a cardboard grenade is removed from the boy.

A steward dressed in a pink tabard and Disney-style mouse ears holds balloons reading “I AM AN IMBE-CILE”.

The family are seen dazedly looking at the attractions before them as they walk through the park.

Jimmy Cauty’s model village features scenes of disaster, while a gallery features artwork including a branded baby in a vending machine.

The family are seen walking towards Banky’s centrepiece at Dismaland - a Cinderella Castle with a ‘D’ sign over the entrance.

Inside, they are confronted with a scene referencing Princess Diana, with a dead princess hanging out of a crashed carriage as the paparazzi descend on her.

The children are seen skipping out of the castle as their parents clutch their faces and weep.

A library in a caravan is shown, along with a Pocket Money Loans shop.

The children happily drive migrant ships around a pond, with close-up shots of the over-crowded boats floating in the water.

“Dismaland, the place where all your dreams come true” the narrator adds, as the family are shown exploring the 2.5 acre site.

Banksy’s Grim Reaper spins in a dodgem car as disco lights flash around him, and the ferris wheel at the park is seen lit up at night.

A Jeffrey Archer book is burnt in a pile of wood and drummers with clothing over their faces perform in a packed circus-style marquee.

“So,” the narrator asks, as a image of the Dismaland site flashes on screen accompanied by bright fireworks in a parody of the Disneyland adverts, “What are you waiting for?”

The family are then filmed driving home, with the mother happily checking on her sleeping children in the back of the car.

There is then a scream as she looks over to her driver husband, who is clearly asleep behind the wheel.

The screen goes black before another clear reference to Disneyland appears - a star arching across the logo of the site.

Seagulls are heard screeching as the logo breaks, with letters clunking out of place.

White text on a black background reads: “Opens Summer 2015. Where the magic never ends.”

It adds: “For 5 Weeks Only”.

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