Around Scotland in five pictures

A SELECTION of photographs taken from across the country by our readers, including a jogger running past a Lossiemouth sunset, and a beautiful shot of a pier at a hamlet of Corrie

A jogger running against a sunset at Lossiemouth West Beach. Picture: Walter Baxter

• Walter Baxter photographed this sunset jogger running past the stumps of World War 2 anti-glider poles on Lossiemouth West Beach

• This photograph of a family siesta was taken by Sue Johnston in Edinburgh

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• Ian McLean from Milton Bridge in Midlothian took this photograph of Craignish Old Parish Church in Argyll

• This photograph of the Old Man of Tarsuinn on the ridge between Beinn Nuis and Beinn Tarsuinn in Arran was taken by Katherine Dickie from Edinburgh

• The pier at the hamlet of Corrie, north of Brodick on the coast road on the Isle of Arran in the Firth of Clyde, was photographed by reader Bernard Murphy on a recent visit