Are you ready for the bill?

Temple writer Robin Mitchell is looking forward to one of his shows returning to the Fringe, as part of the popular a Play, a Pie and a Pint series.

Poster for May I Have the Bill Please.
Poster for May I Have the Bill Please.

May I Have the Bill Please is a comedy about two couples splitting the bill following a meal out, which made its debut at the Fringe in 2015.

Robin Mitchell hopes people enjoy its return and relate to the characters. He said: “This is the second run. It’s been three years since the last run so I have had to update the script a bit. It’s amazing how much things change.

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“We very rarely use cheques these day, probably more likely to use contactless to pay a bill.

“That’s good for me. It adds extra levels to the thing, and adds a bit of complexity to trying to pay for the bill.

“The biggest thing is recognition. We are tapping into what people know happens in their everyday life. It engages people more.

“And there is a love/ hate relationship between one of the couples which people will relate to and identify with.

“I was really chuffed in 2015 with the reaction to it.”

The writer hopes people will come along and enjoy the show. He said: “I’m really excited. I think it’s a brilliant venue. We have got the play, pie, pint aspect as well which is great. With the show’s title they thought it would tie-in.

“People should come along as they will have a great time. And they will recognise some of the things in the show from their own lives and relate to it.”

Mitchell is also responsible for the popular Fringe children’s show Princess Pumpalot. However, given his role he doesn’t find August too hectic. He added: “It’s fine because I’m just the writer so I don’t have to be there. But sometimes I want to be there to see how it goes.

“And it’s perfect this year as both shows are on at the same venue.”

May I Have the Bill Please, at Le Monde, George Street (Venue 47), 12.30pm, August 3, 5-10, 12-17, 19-24, 26-27.