Are you a drama Queen (or King)?

I'M A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here jungle drama queen Gillian McKeith was this week accused of trying to con her way to the final. After facing her last Bushtucker Trial, the TV nutritionist suddenly made a miraculous recovery. How often do you resort to histrionics to get your own way?

1. Which would best describe your attitude to life?

A It's all me, me, me baby. They didn't make me this fabulous for no reason.

B If something needs to be said, I say it, but why bleat on for the sake of it.

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C Does blending into the background have to be a bad thing?

2. When was the last time you gave someone the silent treatment?

A This morning, and most mornings, and afternoons in fact.

B Not since I was a child.

C I always treat people how I would like to be treated, even when they are treating me horribly.

3 How did your last break up go?

A You mean after I slashed their tyres and chucked their clothes out on to the street?

B Once I got all my issues down in a vitriolic e-mail I felt much better and moved on.

C I still do their ironing so things must be OK, mustn't they?

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4 What is the typical way in which you order food when you go to a restaurant?

A Menus, pah! I ask the chef to rustle up whatever I fancy. If they refuse I storm out shouting loudly about my bad treatment.

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B With a few things added, a few removed, and I always send it back if it's not quite right.

C Right off the menu and I leave a tip even if the food was rubbish and the service poor.

5 You fall ill with a head cold. What is your next step?

A Head cold? Are you out of your mind? This is clearly pneumonia and anybody who suggests otherwise is a terrible person.

B Take a paracetamol and tuck myself in bed.

C Head to the office. Taking a sick day isn't an option, even when I am sick.

6 Have you ever, seriously, threatened to sue someone?

A All the time, darling.

B Only to my friends.

C No. Everyone makes mistakes, even when they leave me out of pocket and with a severe limp.

Mostly As

The phrase drama queen was made for you.

Mostly Bs

You have a firm grip on reality, most of the time.

Mostly Cs

You might benefit from a little theatrics.