Angus Cub Scout gains record number of badges in under three years

Cub Scout Gregor Kennedy has notched up a record sixty badges


Cub Scout Gregor Kennedy has notched up a record sixty badges, supplied
Picture: Cub Scout Gregor Kennedy has notched up a record sixty badges, supplied

There’s barely any room left on his uniform after three hectic years at the 2nd Kirriemuir Scout Group, Angus.

His remarkable achievement has been recognised by British astronaut Major Tim Peake, a former cub and now Scout Ambassador.

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His long list of activity badges includes Air Activities, Digital Citizen, Musician, Paddle Sports, Animal Carer, Astronomer, Disability Awareness, Equestrian, Home help, Pioneer, Skater and World Faiths.

Gregor, 10, set himself a personal challenge of gaining more than 50 badges in under three years.

Because two new badges were introduced in January, it is believed he has set a Scottish record.

His uniform is adorned with 38 activity badges, a Thistle Award and eight challenge badges, including a Chief Scouts silver award.

His commitment has been praised by the Scottish Cubs Commissioner, and a social media posting by Gregor’s proud dad Scott outlining his son’s remarkable achievement was “liked” by Major Peake.

Gregor, a primary-six pupil at Northmuir Primary School, can now do DIY, light a fire, rollerblade, identify different constellations and much more.

While learning to rollerblade proved to be one of the trickiest, his favourite badge was the equestrian.

Gregor said: “I got to ride a horse, I love it.

“I learned so much about horses and how to take care of them.

“I also liked doing the DIY badge because I got to make bird boxes with my grampa. I’ve made so many memories which I’ll treasure forever.”

Robert Anderson, Cubs Commissioner said: “This is truly an amazing accomplishment by Gregor, I cannot remember the last time this was achieved by a Cub in Scotland.

“Each week at Scouts Scotland we give almost 40,000 young people the opportunity to enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed.

“Gregor has achieved so many of these skills already. He should be really proud of himself, as his family, Scouts Scotland and I are of Gregor”.

Arlene Walker, Gregor’s Cub leader said: “Gregor loves all things scouting and it was his own idea to try and complete all the badges.

“It’s simply incredible he has succeeded it.

“It was great to see him embrace the challenge, that’s what scouting is all about, taking on new challenges and learning new skills for life.”

Gregor has inspired his whole family to get involved in scouting.

His mum Emma is assistant Cub Scout leader; his dad is treasurer and his seven-year-old twin brothers, Fraser and Struan, attend Beavers.

Emma said: “It’s amazing. Gregor likes to have something to focus on.

“He found out none of Arlene’s cubs had earned all their badges, realised he could be the first one and really knuckled down.

“He was quite determined. He is absolutely thrilled. When I was putting on his last badge it was strange not having another one waiting to be done.

“Everybody has been so enthusiastic and have helped inspire and encourage him.

“Although some others cubs might have got all of them in the past, two extra badges were added on in January.

“When he saw Tim Peake had ‘liked’ the Tweet he realised he had done something quite special. He reached for the stars with his dreams.”

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