9 unusual summer jobs in Scotland

When summer arrives, it brings with it a diverse range of job opportunities in order to meet the increased demand from tourism and school holidays in Scotland.

There are some interesting seasonal jobs available in Scotland this summer (Photo: Shutterstock)
There are some interesting seasonal jobs available in Scotland this summer (Photo: Shutterstock)

A summer job is a great way for students to make a bit of extra cash in between semesters, but also a chance for people to try something new or build on their current skills, writes Steph Abbot.

We had a look at some of jobs on offer for this coming season around the country, and found a few that were a little different from you're average nine to five.

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Camp counsellor in Crieff

Camp Cooper in Crieff is an American style sleepaway camp, offering a range of indoor and outdoor activities including a high ropes course, swimming and performing arts.

The camp is looking for responsible role models to take care of the campers and lead various activities.

This is a fantastic opportunity for people who enjoy working with children and are perhaps aiming for a career in teaching.

Fish farm operative in South Uist

On the remote Isle of South Uist off the West coast of Scotland, you can try your hand at breeding and rearing salmon, as well as monitoring water conditions and harvesting stock.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll need to have a sturdy pair of sea legs, as you will be expected to hop on board boats in all weather conditions.

A decent level of fitness is also necessary, as it’s a hands on job with much of the work being outdoors.

Build eco pods and look after animals in the Highlands

This is a chance to see a beautiful part of the country while taking part in some hands-on work.

You’ll live with a host family who will provide you with comfortable accommodation and meals in exchange for five hours of work a day.

Tasks include taking care of pigs, chickens, dogs and horses, as well as helping with the construction of environmentally friendly glamping pods.

Apply here: workaway.info

Edinburgh Festival street team

Every August, the capital is filled to burst with tourists and festival fanatics, so organisers need to recruit a huge number of people across many areas.

Bound and Gagged comedy are looking for people to dish out leaflets for various shows during the festival.

The job is described as being ideal for those who can work and party hard, often alongside the acts. Staff will also have opportunities to attend one-off events with VIP passes.

Seasonal falconer in Edinburgh

NBC Environment are looking for an experienced falconer to work throughout the summer months.

If you're wondering what falconry actually is, it’s the practice of using a wild hawk, falcon or eagle to hunt and return prey.

The bird will have been captured and then trained from a very young age and the exercise is often used as a form of pest control.

Volunteer at a riding centre in the Highlands

Fancy yourself as a bit of a cowboy or cowgirl? This could be the right kind of summer work for you.

Another exchange offering from the workaway platform, this riding centre in Ross-shire is home to 30 horses including mini-shetlands and shire crosses.

You’ll be expected to get stuck into the daily chores of maintaining the centre, but will have the chance to brush up on your riding skills throughout your stay.

Apply here: workaway.info

House and pet sitter across the country

In this role, you’ll have the chance to care for the usual pet suspects (mostly dogs and cats), but if you head into more rural areas, the land and animals in need of ‘babysitting’ tend to get bigger too.

Many ‘hosts’ will only require you to stay for one or two weeks, but it’s possible to do a few house sits across the season.

Apply here: mindahome.co.ukA Cross country 'coo-visor'

Think you know all there is to know about Scotland? You could be exactly the kind of person Visit Scotland is looking for.

This role involves driving across the country to various events, engaging with visitors and highlighting the wonderful things the country has to offer.

You’ll have a base in Edinburgh but spend most of your time on the road and visiting events.

Authors’ yurt manager for Edinburgh Book Festival

Each year, the capital welcomes authors from across the globe to take part in the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Between talks, readings and other events, authors spend their time relaxing and preparing in a private yurt.

The right candidate will be responsible for ensuring the space is kept tidy and presentable at all times, welcoming authors and handling their enquiries. An assistant role is also available.