6 of the best ridge walks in Scotland

Nothing quite gets a hillwalker's heart racing like a ridge walk.

Aonach Eagach. Picture: Contributed

Feared and admired in equal measure, these knife-like trails are a catwalk for the hardiest climbers - a place to really test your mettle.

Scotland has an embarrassment of ridges waiting for the keen hiker to get stuck into.

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Liathach Ridge

Liathach Ridge - Scotland's answer to Uluru. Picture: Contributed

Climbers would be forgiven for thinking they had been teleported to another planet when they spy Liathach for the first time.

Both beautiful and brutal, a walk along the ridge of this Torridon mountain will stay with anyone brave enough to take it on.

Impossibly steep on all sides, Liathach is Scotland’s answer to Australia’s Uluru.

Height reached: 1055 metres

An Teallach has a majesty that attracts climbers from far and wide. Picture: Contributed

Time to complete: 8-10 hours

An Teallach

Revered by all those who spy it, An Teallach has a majesty that attracts climbers from far and wide.

Liathach Ridge - Scotland's answer to Uluru. Picture: Contributed

Regarded by many as the finest climb in the UK, the Northern walk is made up of two Munro peaks and a nerve-jangling ridge.

An Teallach translates roughly as ‘the anvil’, which is fitting considering the nerves of steel that are forged on its skinny paths.

Height reached: 1062 metres

Time to complete: 7-11 hours

An Teallach has a majesty that attracts climbers from far and wide. Picture: Contributed

Aonach Eagach Ridge

This desperately skinny ridge’s name strikes fear into Munro baggers the country over.

Linking the 3000ft-plus Meall Dearg and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh, Aonach Eagach Ridge offers a feast of exposed scrambling for the experienced climber.

Dazzling views of the surrounding Glencoe peaks await those who traverse the ridge, although eyes may well be firmly on the ground at your feet rather than the sweeping glens to the north and south.

Height reached: 967 metres

Time to complete: 7-9 hours

South Glen Shiel Ridge

Located in the Northwest of Scotland, this lengthy ridge is an Aladdin’s Cave for Munro baggers.

Blessed with no less than seven munros, the South Glen Shiel Ridge is perhaps the highest concentration of the sought-after peaks in Scotland.

The walk itself isn’t too technical, but a high level of fitness is required to complete a walk which will take at least nine hours.

Views of Loch Cluanie and the ridge itself are outstanding from start to finish.

Height reached: 1021 metres

Time to complete: 9-11 hours


Smaller in stature than its bigger cousins in Glencoe or Skye, climbers underestimate Arran’s A’Chir at their own peril.

Graded moderate on the UK traditional climbing scale, hands and feet, along with rope are required on this walk, whether you like it or not.

For those who brave the vertical ascents, descents and stomach churning traverse, a stunning view of the island awaits.

Height reached: 745 metres

Time to complete: 7 hours

Cuillin Ridge

The most admired mountain range in the UK is near the top of any Scottish hill walkers bucket list.

Stretching across Skye, climbers are spoilt for choice when it comes to routes along the magnificent Cuillin ridge

If you’re after munros, one trip will likely not be enough: the ridge is made up of 11 of Skye’s 12 Munros - not that you will be complaining.

Height reached: 992 metres

Time to complete: Multiple trips