Youth crime

Youth crime

Boys aged ten charged over wrecking spree at primary

TWO ten-your-old boys are among four youths charged in connection with a mindless vandalism spree that caused damage costing £23,000 at two schools in Edinburgh.

The police are there .. but the yobs just don't care

View more of the images of the fire above. Pictures: IAN RUTHERFORD

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Nine-year-old boy armed himself with snooker cue

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy was caught by police with a broken snooker cue as the number of reports of children being charged for carrying offensive weapons in the Capital more than doubled over the last year.

2000 tearaway school pupils on criminal charges

MORE than 2000 schoolchildren were charged with crimes in Edinburgh during the last year, including murder, sexual attacks, assault, and robbery and housebreaking.

Public worries

Reluctance to report offences FEWER people are prepared to report offences, despite there being more police on the streets and less crime overall for them to tackle.

On the beat

DESPITE the Scottish Government putting 1,000 extra bobbies on the beat, people were not happy with the number of police seen patrolling communities.

Law-abiding citizens turn to crime during recession

HOUSEBREAKING and thefts are rising in Scotland as people hardest hit by the recession turn to crime, a nationwide survey has revealed.

Police make mobile security call

POLICE today advised mobile phone users in the Lothians to mark their handsets with ultra-violet pens to help officers reunite owners with stolen devices.

On a Quest to bring end to gang rivalries

A COMMUNITY event which aims to bring teenagers together in a bid to stamp out gang culture has been resurrected in north Edinburgh.

Drunk yobs face beach arrest

YOBS drinking heavily on Portobello beach are set to be fined by police and could face arrest in a new crackdown launched in the wake of recent violence at the beauty spot.

We've got a fight on our hands to deal with gangs

As a helpline is launched for parents worried about their children being caught up in gang culture, VICTORIA RAIMES investigates what's happening

Call for new strategy to tackle teenage gangs

EFFORTS to tackle teenage criminal gangs are patchy and often counter-productive, a report warned today.

Revealed: Five children sent to adult prison in past year

FIVE children aged under 16 were held prisoner in adult jails in Scotland over the past year, new figures reveal.

Police bid to recruit teens in war against organised crime

TEENAGERS have been urged to see through the "glamour" of career criminals and instead help police fight the war against organised crime.

Scots police force appeals to teenagers in fight against gang crime

TEENAGERS were today urged to help police fight the war against organised crime, days after the killing of a gangland figure in Glasgow.

Police winning war on teeny crime

POLICE today claimed they are winning the war on teeny crime after the latest figures revealed a massive drop in the number of children arrested in the Lothians.

Street project helps reduce violent gang crime in Glasgow

A PROJECT to tackle gang culture in Scotland's biggest city has seen an "encouraging" drop in violence, it was announced today.

Buckfast tops list of Asbo drinks

FOUR out of ten young offenders drank the tonic wine Buckfast before they committed their crimes, a new report has revealed.

Foulkes hits out at Government's plans to cut back on Asbos

LOTHIANS Labour MSP George Foulkes has hit out at the SNP over its plans to cut back on Asbos.

Startling campaign outlines the dangers of gang culture

YOUNG people are being warned of the dangers of falling into street gangs with a dramatic new campaign launched by Scotland's largest police force.

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