Reader Reviews

Andrew Blair – travelling with family

Andrew Blair

ANDREW Blair is a frequent traveller to London. As group financial manager for Hunter Boot – makers of the famous Hunter Wellies – which has offices in Edinburgh and London, he uses both the train and the plane. “But, I always much prefer to take the train,” he says. “If I’m spending the whole day there, I tend to go ... Read More »

Shaun McWilliam – travelling for business


TIME is of the upmost importance to Shaun McWilliam. As the head of distribution of real estate for fund managers Kames Capital, he takes “around 45-50” flights a year, the majority of them between Edinburgh and London. “Basically I’m just a posh salesman,” laughs Shaun, who divides his time between the McWilliam family home in Edinburgh’s New Town and a ... Read More »

Russell Wilson – travelling for business


RUSSELLWilson is a very experienced traveller – even so, he hadn’t taken the train to London in more than two decades. To explain – Russell has only recently moved back to Edinburgh, with his wife, to set up his own media recruitment consultancy after 16 years spent living in Australia. “We used to get back every year or two and ... Read More »

Chris Young – travelling for business


CHRIS Young lives and works in Glasgow, where he’s the policy manager for public affairs for the Institution of Civil Engineers. “Basically, I try and raise awareness of civil engineering among politicians,” he explains, “it’s a great challenge, but I enjoy it.” Chris has to travel to London on business “about five or six times a year”, and mostly by ... Read More »

Vieux Carré – Jazz band

Everyone has different reasons for travelling. For some, it’s business. For some, it’s pleasure. And for some, it could be a bit of both. But is the train the ideal way to travel from Edinburgh to London? To find out, East Coast invited a diverse group of travellers to make the journey with them and asked them to share their ... Read More »

Gordon Dunn and his daughter Kirsty

“We didn’t stand in a single queue once – and the fact that you’re going from city centre to city centre is great” GORDON Dunn may well be spending a lot more time with his extended family in the future. The technical teacher from Monfieth High School in Angus has 11 cousins in and around London, yet –remarkably – he ... Read More »

Calum Liddel – business consultant travelling with business partner

“Basically, it’s a temporary office space and I was surprised how easy it was to get work done” TO BE honest, I was a bit worried about travelling by train,” says Information Compliance consultant Calum Liddel. “Sometimes it seems the accepted attitude is that if you’re travelling to London, you go by plane  but now I’m really not sure why.” Calum, ... Read More »