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Your Picks

Your Review: Columbinus, St Bride's Centre

Ronit Wolfson, 20, student, Dalry: "It was great that it was such a young cast for this type of show. We have all been teenagers and you could see yourself in the actors."

Your Review: Roachford, Cabaret Voltaire

Marc Mowbray, 35, musician, Leith: "The guy's got golden tonsils. He never sang one note out of tune the whole night, and it never dawned on you that he would, either. It was an inspired move to bring along an acoustic band, too. It was a good gig."

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Your Review: Lucy Porter, The Stand

Tom Hooper, 32, engineer, Leith: "I took my dad and my uncle to see the gig and they were very dismissive beforehand, coming from the background that says women can't be funny, but less than ten minutes in and they were both rocking back and forth in pain killing themselves.

Your Review: Billy Elliot the Musical, Church Hill Theatre

Rachel Palmer, 55, program manager, Barnton: "It's brilliant; everything worked really well. The opening number was tremendous – it's really nice to hear the men sing for a change. In particular, I thought Ronan Burns' performance as Michael was fantastic."

Your Review: La Boheme, Festival Theatre

Marina Alfrichter, 22, analyst, city centre: "I thought the interpretation was very interesting and modern – not what you would expect at all."

Your Review: The Cherry Orchard Royal Lyceum

Hugh Simpson, 43, teacher, Marchmont: "It was a good translation. What worried me, was the problem with the tone – the actors seemed to think they were in three or four different plays. Some thought it was serious, some of them thought it was a pantomime. Ralph Riach was brilliant."

Your Review: Bugsy Malone, Church Hill Theatre

Denise Rogers, 37, vet, Morningside: "I love coming to shows here.

Your Review: The National Children's Orchestra of Scotland and The National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland, Usher Hall

Oliver Brown, 9, school pupil, Morningside: "I liked the loud bits of the Tchaikovsky one. It wasn't just loud though, you could hear everything going on, like all the flute and everything. It was expressive because it went loud and then it went really soft."

Your Review: Lauren Pritchard, Cabaret Voltaire

Colleen Jamieson, freelance photographer, 25, Cameron Toll: "It's a bit of a shame that not many people came out to see her.

Your Review: Carousel, The Brunton Theatre

Maggie Wallace, 61, retired, Bonnyrigg: "I thought the young Louise was very good. I liked her ballet dancing and she had lovely presence. I think what they have achieved is outstanding."

Your Review: Huxley's Lab Informatics Forum

Jonathan Kilgour, 42, programmer, Leith Walk: "They used the building in a very interesting way and I really liked the chaos of it and all the different locations. I thought it was quite brave, it worked."

Your Review: Jerry Dammers, Usher Hall

Christine McLean, 29, box office assistant, Meadowbank: "I thought it was fantastic, really full of life and just a little bit crazed.

Your Review: The Secret of Sherlock Holmes, The Kings

Kenneth Davis, 58, retired, Niddrie: "It was unusual. It was a bit boring at the end. I was falling asleep. I just came to see the guy that was in the Darling Buds of May (Philip Franks ), that's what really brought me here."

Your Review: Amy Macdonald, The Picture House

Andy Pete, 26, house husband, Dalry: "Great gig. It's a bonus that she's really hot, but her music is amazing as well. I saw her at T in The Park a couple of years ago and she was great then too."

Your Review: Dreamboats and Petticoats, Edinburgh Playhouse

Lena Scougall, 49, currency exchange worker, Dunfermline: "Love the music and having a proper band on stage was a brilliant touch. Thought the night overall was a bit flat though."

Your Review: Every One Royal Lyceum

Kiera Docherty, 31, youth worker, Leith Walk: "It was beautifully staged. I wasn't sure what to make of it when it started but you really got into all the characters, there was always a character talking you could relate to. The set was wonderful, when the lights changed and you saw . . . well, it was a complete surprise and it did blow me away."

Your Review: Defending The Caveman, Festival Theatre

Cathryn LaJeunesse, 54, retired, Lanark Road: "I thought it was very nice, not mind-blowing, but sweet and at points very funny.

Your Review: Alfie Brunton Theatre

Lillian Hood, 72, retired, Ormiston: "Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. They were so versatile, and how Alfie remembers all his lines, I don't know. It was fantastic. I think Alfie was the highlight but all the actors were good. And, of course, the music. At our age that music really appealed to us."

Your Review: Hamlet, Brunton Theatre

Marion Watson, 66, retired, Meadowbank: "I thought it was one of the best productions I've seen at the Brunton in a long while, and certainly one of the best Hamlets I've seen in years.

Your Review: Sunday Night Laugh In The Stand

Susanna Mueller, 22, student, Leith: "It turned out to be a really good gig at the end and the headliner (Gary Little] was superb.

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