Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat

Haemorrhage killed Arafat

A "MASSIVE brain haemorrhage" killed Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, last year, although it remains unclear what led to the rapid deterioration in his health, according to French medical records made public yesterday.

Nephew claims Arafat may have been poisoned

YASSER Arafat’s nephew last night said the lack of a diagnosis, despite extensive tests, into his uncle’s death last month raised suspicions that the late Palestinian leader died of "unnatural" causes.

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Howard's plea over Arafat successor

PALESTINIANS must elect a leader who will spurn the fanatics and terrorists who stand in the way of peace, Tory leader Michael Howard said today.

Arafat's grave a pilgrimage site for visiting diplomats

THE tomb of Yasser Arafat has become a pilgrimage site for visiting diplomats, many of whom shunned the veteran Palestinian leader before his death last month.

Arafat's death remains riddle

YASSER ARAFAT’S nephew today said the late Palestinian leader’s medical records give no clear diagnosis as to what he died of.

Widow to decide on Arafat files release

YASSER ARAFAT’S widow took possession of his widely sought medical records, and was deciding whether to release the information publicly, her lawyer said today.

Arafat medical files released

YASSER ARAFAT’S medical records were today set to be released to his nephew.

Palestinians investigate rumours that Israel poisoned Arafat

THE Palestinian Authority is to set up an official commission of inquiry into Yasser Arafat’s death amid increasing rumours among the Palestinian public that he was poisoned by Israel.

Arafat took £1m a month from petrol industry, audit reveals

AUDITORS investigating Yasser Arafat’s finances discovered that the late Palestinian leader skimmed $2 million (£1.08 million) each month from the petrol industry, it was reported this week.

Arafat's aides begin desperate hunt for his missing millions

IN THE poverty-stricken West Bank and Gaza, thousands languish in refugee camps. Outside Yasser Arafat’s former headquarters in Ramallah children beg in the streets.

We'll do what it takes to get a peace, vows US president

GEORGE Bush, the US president, yesterday said that the Palestinians could have their own independent state in four years - but only if they took steps towards democracy.

Will Suha reveal husband's cash secrets?

YASSER Arafat’s widow, Suha, will be paid up to £12 million a year for divulging the secrets of her husband’s fortune, newspapers in Italy and Israel claimed yesterday.

Chaos and gunfire as Arafat is finally laid to rest

IT BEGAN as two specks piercing the clear blue sky, expanding slowly into the dark shapes of Egyptian military helicopters carrying the Palestinian leader to his final resting place. It ended with scenes of emotion, with chaos and the sound of gunfire.

£12m for Arafat's widow to tell all on cash haul

YASSER ARAFAT’S widow is set to be paid £12 million a year by the Palestinian Authority, it emerged today.

International monitors may oversee election of Arafat's successor

INTERNATIONAL monitors could be sent to oversee the election of a new Palestinian leader, it emerged last night.

Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat President of the Palestinian Authority

Opportunities after Arafat

FROM the death of Yasser Arafat there arises not one opportunity, but three.

Arafat's fight over

ISRAEL sealed the West Bank and Gaza Strip today fearing widespread rioting as the death of veteran Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was announced.

Timing was cruellest twist of fate

YASSER ARAFAT fought for the Palestinian cause all his life - and his indomitable style of leadership over 35 years ensured he never lost control.

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