Zoo's wolverines get claws into game sponsorship cash

A WOLVERINE at Edinburgh Zoo has had its name changed to Logan, as part of a tie-in with the new Hollywood blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

X-Men stars to reunite for Edinburgh show

X-MEN stars Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will be reunited on stage at the King's Theatre for a new production of Waiting for Godot.

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Hair-raising experience

ACTOR Hugh Jackman is used to suffering for his art. Bumps and bruises are par for the course in his action man roles, such as Wolverine in X-Men, while aching limbs are all part of the service during his song and dance routines in hit stage productions.

Superman flies to the aid of US physics students

COMIC book superheroes are saving the day at an American university where they help to teach students the principles of physics.

Cumming to a cinema near you

ALAN Cumming is dressed as a gnome - or possibly a snowman - and enthusiastically introducing a children’s cartoon called Chilly Willy.

X-Men marks the spot

X-Men 2 (12A) ****

Cox lands with X-appeal

ONE of Scotland’s biggest stars flew into Edinburgh last night to attend the premier of his new film X-Men II.

Stars turn out for premiere

THE Scots actor Brian Cox led a host of famous faces as the stars turned out for the charity premiere of X-Men 2 in Edinburgh.

Powerful allegory

September 11 was but an unimaginable future horror when Bryan Singer set to work on his sequel to X-Men 2 . Yet, in the time it has taken for the $120 million comic-book blockbuster to reach our screens, a weird synchronicity between art and real life has occurred. Almost by chance, X-Men 2 now looks like a highly polished mirror held up to our troubled times. It is not just post-9/11, but post-Iraq.

How do they do that then?

IT is probably every child’s dream to be a superhero - whether it’s the ability to see through metal with x-ray vision, to have superhuman strength or even to be able to fly. But, of course, as with all childhood fantasies, they are put aside and such feats remain restricted to the pages of comics or on the silver screen.

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