Wright brothers

Wright brothers

Global party marks 100 years of flight

AVIATION enthusiasts across Scotland joined global celebrations yesterday to mark the centennial of the first powered flight by the Wright brothers.

100 years after the Wright brothers - a copycat bid to mimic their flight

A CENTURY ago it had seemed an impossible dream. Cynics scoffed that it would become reality "only if mathematicians and engineers work steadily for the next one to ten million years".

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High flyer

On the morning of Wednesday, 17 December, a small formation of Grob trainer aircraft belonging to the Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde Air Squadron will take off from Glasgow Airport and head over the Erskine Bridge and down the course of the widening Clyde.

Model pupils wanted to enter flight competition

SCHOOLCHILDREN from across Edinburgh are being invited to enter a national competition to re-enact the Wright brothers’ first flight 100 years ago.

Exhibition celebrates Wright flight centenary

THE great-great-niece of the aviation pioneers the Wright brothers admitted yesterday she was "not too keen" on flying as she opened an exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of her ancestors’ first flight.

Belated fame for NZ's pioneering aviator

MONTHS before the Wright Brothers took flight into the history books, a little-known New Zealand farmer was winging his way into obscurity.

Wright brothers' plane to take to the air again

PAINSTAKINGLY built by hand from muslin, wood and steel, an exact replica of the Wright brothers’ plane is to be flown by aircraft enthusiasts to mark the 100th anniversary of powered flight.

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