World War One

World War One

Dutch find sub sunk in 1917

The wreck of a German First World War submarine sunk by a mine on its maiden voyage has been discovered and the remains will become an official war grave, the Dutch defence ministry has announced.

Success in hunt for family of fallen war hero

THE closest surviving relatives of a soldier killed in a bomb blast in France more than 90 years ago have been traced by Edinburgh historians.

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Scottish soldier's letter reveals Christmas spirit refused to die in trenches of WW1

STORIES of British and German troops playing football and exchanging gifts in no man's land during a Christmas ceasefire are among the most enduring images of the First World War.

Prince William says never forget Great War

Prince William urged people never to forget the sacrifices of the Great War yesterday as he became the patron of the Imperial War Museum Foundation.

War dead are remembered as one more falls

SCOTLAND stopped for two minutes as across the country people paid a silent tribute to the servicemen and women who have lost their lives fighting in wars at home and overseas.

Muslims chant abuse and burn poppy during silence

Muslim protesters burned a poppy and chanted "British soldiers burn in hell" during yesterday's two minutes of silence in London.

Remembrance Day: We remember everyone . . . and everyone must remember

THEY stood in train stations and on city streets, in gardens and cemeteries, each with their own thoughts of the war dead and all part of the deafening sound of silence. For two minutes a rare stillness blanketed Britain at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, as millions marked Remembrance Day.

Downed at last: Nazis' hero pilot dies at 97

THE most highly decorated Luftwaffe bomber pilot of the Second World War - a Nazi to the end - has died in Germany at the age of 97.

Scotland pauses to remember war dead

THOUSANDS of Scots fell silent for two minutes today to remember those who have died in war.

The resisters: Reluctant recruit who died a hero

Some who resisted conscription went on to serve with distinction in the First World War, according to the files.

The objector: From wartime jail to Cabinet minister

Contrary to popular belief, only a minority of the cases were appeals by conscientious objectors.

The entertainer: Laughter not best medicine, tribunal ruled

In his application, Fyffe claimed his act was 'one of the best tonics for soldiers and sailors'

Revealed: Scotland's Saving Private Ryan

IT IS a remarkable story of wartime sacrifice that reads like a Scottish version of Saving Private Ryan. With three sons already killed in the First World War and another badly injured on the Western Front, grieving Glasgow mother Elsie Cowie begged a military tribunal not to conscript her fifth son Frank.

Scots' appeals against WWI conscription revealed to public for first time

FROM a future Secretary of State for Scotland to a mother who had lost three sons and was desperate to keep her fourth at home, they are the Scots who resisted the call-up to fight in World War One.

Club demands return of memorial to Great War heroes

HEART of midlothian FC have demanded the club's memorial to mark the fallen of the Great War be reinstated to its rightful spot at Haymarket before next year's Remembrance Service, after the tramsworks forced the event to be moved to Tynecastle Stadium again this year.

Germany finally pays off its First World War debts

THE First World War will finally end for Germany on Sunday, with the last payment of nearly £60 million of a £22 billion debt imposed for starting "The War to End all Wars".

1918-19 British warships found off Estonia

Three British warships sunk off the coast of Estonia in action immediately after the First World War have been discovered.

'Savage Scots': wish you weren't here

REVEALED: "the devils in skirts" in all their glory. A military historian has unearthed German propaganda from the First World War which shows how the Kaiser's army demonised Scottish soldiers as savage barbarians.

Adolf Hilter brought down to earth by Scottish historian

NAZI claims that Hitler was a hero of the Great War have been debunked as a propaganda myth by a Scottish historian.

Re-enactment reveals reality of trench life for our kilted heroes

FROM rats and gas attacks to the realities of fighting in the trenches wearing a kilt, visitors to Edinburgh Castle this weekend are to get a dose of Scottish soldiers' experiences in the First World War.

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