World Trade Organisation

World Trade Organisation

Russia poised to join trade body

Russia will join the World Trade Organisation within the next 12 months after almost two decades of negotiations, US president Barack Obama's senior economic adviser said yesterday.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen: Nato and Russia relations warming up post Cold War

When I gave my first public speech as secretary-general of Nato just over a year ago, I focused on the Nato-Russia relationship, because I believe it is crucial for global, not just European, security.

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China and US square up in trade dispute

CHINA and the United States yesterday brought disputes against each other at the World Trade Organisation.

Cold War echoes as Putin clashes with Bush at G8

PRESIDENTS Vladimir Putin and George Bush exchanged barbed remarks yesterday at the start of a summit, confirming that relations between Moscow and Washington are at their lowest point since the Cold War.

Minister slates US move to trade barriers

BRITAIN last night risked a diplomatic row with the United States after a minister accused Washington of hypocrisy for throwing up barriers to foreign trade.

South Korea sorry for WTO protests

A SOUTH Korean official yesterday apologised for anti-World Trade Organisation riots started by his countrymen in Hong Kong over the weekend - the territory's worst violence in decades.

Whisky group toasts WTO progress

REPRESENTATIVES of the Scotch Whisky Association have returned from the Hong Kong WTO meeting expressing "relief" over significant gains towards facilitating trade in Scotland's most valuable export.

Far more than meets the eye in WTO deal

SO THE 148 countries taking part in world trade talks in Hong Kong have agreed a modest package of market-opening steps, keeping alive the Doha Round of talks on free global commerce.

900 held and 50 hurt as police battle protesters in world trade riots

ANTI-globalisation protesters fought pitched battles with Hong Kong police yesterday outside a convention centre where world leaders held trade talks.

World in retreat from free trade

OVER 200 years ago, Adam Smith taught us that "consumption is the sole end and purpose of any production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer".

Poorest nations join forces for trade deal

DEVELOPING countries closed ranks yesterday to push their agenda at the World Trade Organisation talks, as the United States and the European Union exchanged accusations of intransigence - with time running out for a global deal that could lift millions out of poverty.

Ministers face trade talks protests

MINISTERS from around the world were focusing today on delivering trade support to developing nations as they met for World Trade Organisation talks in Hong Kong.

Trade talks set to fail world's poor once again

WHATEVER face-saving measures are taken, the meeting in Hong Kong this week to wrap up the current development round of world trade talks will almost surely fail the only test that matters: whether such an agreement promotes the poorest countries' development.

'Miracle' is needed for trade deal, says Johnson

IT WOULD take a "miracle" for this week's world trade talks to reach a satisfactory conclusion, Alan Johnson, the trade secretary, said yesterday.

Is Hong Kong just a stage on the road to nowhere?

BOB Hope and Bing Crosby made a successful series of On The Road ... films. But they were funny. It's not so funny for humour-bypassed trade negotiators traipsing the world - Seattle, Geneva, Cancun, London, - in search of a free-trading world economy.

WTO tax deals could hurt Scottish farmers

SCOTTISH farming could suffer more from the side-effects of any world trade agreement than from direct legislation, NFU Scotland claimed yesterday.

Commonwealth leaders set trade deal deadline

COMMONWEALTH leaders last night set a deadline for striking a deal on world trade by the end of next year.

Negotiators in bid to break trade deadlock

A GROUP of key trade negotiators will meet in Geneva next month in an attempt to break the deadlock in World Trade Organisation talks.

Call for tariff cuts for poor nations

DEVELOPED countries must cut their highest farm tariffs by 75 per cent if the world's poorest nations are to benefit from a World Trade Organisation attempt to liberalise agricultural trade, experts at the World Bank said yesterday.

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