World Summit on Sustainable Development

World Summit on Sustainable Development

Alongside the circus acts, some positive summitry

THE World Conference on Sustainable Development closed yesterday with a prominent black politician being heckled by delegates.

Earth Summit branded a waste of time

THE Earth Summit ended in acrimony yesterday, with jeers for Colin Powell, the US secretary of state, and angry complaints by environmentalists that it had done little to help the poor or the planet.

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McConnell plan for environment

JACK McConnell was preparing a special parliamentary statement he will make today in Edinburgh as he flew the length of Africa through the night at the end of his three-day official visit to South Africa and the world summit on poverty and the environment.

Success can only follow if political will exists

THE World Summit on Sustainable Development has finally agreed an action plan.

‘Let Africans come first... not as beggars’

ZIMBABWE’S president, Robert Mugabe, launched a vicious attack on Tony Blair at the World Summit on poverty and the environment in Johannesburg yesterday.

ANALYSIS: Seeking a balance between the nimby tendency and green lobby

EARLIER this year, before Jack McConnell, the First Minister, made his ground-breaking "environment first" speech in Edinburgh, he visited a landfill site in Lanarkshire.

The First Minister dances to new tune

A RESERVED Jack McConnell hung loose finally yesterday in the bright light of South Africa and its sunshine smiles.

PM calls on world to act on poverty

PRIME Minister Tony Blair today challenged fellow world leaders to summon the political will to tackle the problems of poverty and climate change.

McConnell happy to get down to earth

JACK McCONNELL, on a three-day visit to the World Summit on Sustainable Development, yesterday spent more than two hours in Soweto, visiting the giant township’s Mountain of Hope - a project where Sowetans are transforming a huge rubbish dump from a no-go area into a community centre and vegetable gardens.

Veiled attack on Bush as Blair flies into summit row

TONY BLAIR has made a coded attack on the George Bush’s environmental policies, saying that the US president had been shortsighted in refusing to ratify the Kyoto treaty.

Summit stupid?

BEHIND warehouse doors in the countryside south of the Zambian capital of Lusaka lie 20,000 bags of neatly-stacked maize meal. Even though the people in the surrounding villages are starving, the maize will remain uneaten. It is a genetically-modified product grown by US farmers and eaten by Americans and the surplus shipped to Africa as food aid. But the Zambian government would rather its people die than distribute what it considers to be a tainted food.

McConnell mission to raise Scotland’s profile

JACK McCONNELL will become the first Scottish First Minister to take part in a major world summit when he flies out to Johannesburg today, but he has been warned not to expect to make much of an impact, writes Hamish Macdonell.

US playing for time pushes summit deeper into chaos

THE World Summit on poverty and the environment was last night sliding into chaos as negotiators failed to reach any substantive deal for more than one hundred heads of state to sign when they start arriving tomorrow.

Police officer charged

A POLICE officer deployed to help to control tomorrow’s exected protests at the World Summit was yesterday arrested and charged with murder after a security guard was shot at a Johannesburg hotel, writes Fred Bridgland.

Protests planned for 'failed' world summit

TENS of thousands of people are planning to march tomorrow on the United Nations world summit on poverty and the environment, giving South Africa’s authorities their biggest headache so far during the ten-day event.

UN summit is a million miles away from real Africa

I LIKE it here. For a start, it is 40 miles away from the gross Potemkin village-cum-Disneyland that the South African government and the United Nations have created in Johannesburg for the World Summit on poverty and the environment.

Agreement on fisheries conservation is first hint of summit success

GOVERNMENT ministers and civil servants at the World Summit on poverty and the environment last night achieved their first substantive agreement - on ways to tackle the world’s fisheries crisis. The deal envisages restoring most of the major global fishing grounds to commercial health by 2015.

Reporters doped with date rape drug

TWO foreign journalists reporting on the World Summit in Johannesburg were drugged and robbed yesterday by two prostitutes who shared a bed with them overnight.

More hot air from a ten-day talkathon

THERE is a difference between being cynical and being realistic. That means you don’t need to believe that the world’s politicians are only in it for the money, free gifts, free holidays and first-class travel to know that an earth summit on sustainable development with more than 40,000 delegates from 160 countries would be a fiasco.

Britain criticises Bush for summit absence

BRITAIN last night criticised George Bush’s failure to attend the World Summit on Sustainable Development as ministers made clear they had hoped the US president would have been able to turn up.

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