World's End murders

World's End murders

FBI profiler to study World's End murder

A RENOWNED criminal profiler is to study a series of Scottish murders from the 1970s for alleged links to the acquitted World's End suspect Angus Sinclair.

Scottish police forces reveal details of unsolved murders

SCOTTISH police forces have 77 unsolved murders on their books, it was revealed today.

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Cleared World's End accused may face second trial

THE convicted killer cleared of the World's End murders could face a second trial, it emerged last nigh

Apology to relatives of World's End victims

RELATIVES of the victims of the World's End murders have received an official apology from the prosecutor at the centre of the collapsed trial, it emerged yesterday.

World's End: Police chief brands cleared serial killer 'evil'

A RETIRED police officer who led the World's End murder case has branded Angus Sinclair, the serial killer who stood trial for the double murders, as "evil", comparing him to notorious Moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Call for change in law after World's End case

PROSECUTORS will be allowed to challenge a judge's decision to halt a trial due to lack of evidence, under proposals published today.

Recriminations rife over collapse of trial

THE collapse of the World's End murder trial led to angry recriminations, with police officers privately blaming prosecutors for bungling the case.

World's End DNA testing ruled 'sound'

A CONTROVERSIAL DNA test that was used in last year's aborted World's End murder trial has been deemed scientifically sound.

No stone unturned - special investigation

Advances in DNA technology mean more cold cases than ever are being reinvestigated, using a combination of science and dogged determination. But not everyone welcomes the digging up of a painful past

Brother of World's End murder victim vows to fight for justice

THE brother of one of the World's End murder victims has revealed he is determined to continue to fight for justice.

Review to ensure Scots law is 'fit for purpose' in wake of World's End trial

THE biggest review of Scots law for more than a generation was announced yesterday in response to the collapse of the World's End murder trial.

Writer in clear over World's End court case

CRIME writer Reg McKay walked away from court today with the shadow of potential contempt proceedings over the World's End murders case lifted.

Who's to blame for World's End row?

FROM time to time, a middle-aged professional gent can be seen wending his way up Edinburgh's Mound to his office.

Uneasy truce in the war of the wigs over World's End

AN UNEASY peace broke out yesterday between Scotland's two most senior legal figures after a row over the collapse of the World's End trial.

MacDonald writes to law chief on World's End fears

MARGO MacDonald, the independent MSP, has raised new concerns over the collapse of World's End murder trial.

There clearly is a case to answer for Lord Clarke

THE World's End murder trial collapsed on 10 September, following Lord Clarke's decision that there was "no case to answer" because the evidence was "insufficient in law".

World's End families set to sue to prove Sinclair's guilt

THE families of World's End victims Helen Scott and Christine Eadie are considering suing the man accused of their murder in a bid to prove his guilt.

World's End prosecutor 'outsmarted'

THE brother of one of the World's End murder victims has claimed prosecutor Alan Mackay was "outsmarted" during the collapsed trial of rapist and killer Angus Sinclair.

End of the world

ON HIS journey to and from work this past year, Alan Mackay's thoughts were probably never far from two isolated spots near to his East Lothian home. The bodies of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie, both 17, had been found some four miles apart almost 30 years ago, the former in a field of stubble near Haddington, and the latter on the foreshore at Gosford Sands. Both had been bound and raped before being murdered.

World's End DNA 'bungled'

THE Lord Advocate was under renewed pressure from MSPs last night as fresh evidence emerged that the prosecution of the World's End murder trial was bungled.

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