World Cup allegiance

World Cup allegiance

Daddy cool

HAVING children can bring on new attitudes. Some parents become obsessed with school catchment areas. Others turn into green campaigners. And me? I am thinking about supporting England.

Chancellor's World Cup fever fails to grip the Scots

GORDON Brown's fellow Scots do not share his enthusiasm for England hosting the football World Cup, according to the Chancellor's own poll.

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Time to end the tiresome tyranny of football

GORDON Brown has been ruled offside because he holds allegiance to national football teams on each side of the Border. Surely it's time the overwrought and self-important fans of the Beautiful Game were ruled offside instead.

Brown tripped up by Auld Enemy question

GORDON Brown stumbled over the issue of national identity yesterday, naming England, not Scotland, as the team he'd like to win the World Cup.

'English car' attack in Glasgow under scrutiny

PROSECUTORS are looking into a BBC Newsnight programme which showed youths attacking a car bedecked with St George flags which a TV crew left parked in the east end of Glasgow during the World Cup.

Vulnerable teenage boy attacked for wearing England top

A DISABLED teenager was attacked at a cinema - because he was wearing an England shirt with David Beckham's name on it.

Tartan Army fury over change to lyrics

EXECUTIVE bureaucrats were derided yesterday for being so "politically correct" that they changed the words of Scotland's most famous football song to avoid offending the English.

Scotland urged to join English 2018 World Cup bid

THE Conservatives have launched an audacious bid to bring the World Cup to Scotland in 12 years' time.

Aberdeen leaders condemn anti-English attacks in city

THE leaders of all the political groups on Aberdeen City Council yesterday joined forces to condemn the spate of recent racist attacks against English football fans in the city.

This World Cup fuss makes me St George's cross

I'VE watched with some amount of incredulity the amount of hoo-ha that has been caused since Jack McConnell declared that he would not be supporting England in the World Cup.

Jack refuses to back England in World Cup quarter-finals

FIRST Minister Jack McConnell today refused to back England in the upcoming World Cup quarter-final.

Scots seek succour Swedish-style

SOME names in this report have been altered to protect the guilty: What do the Tartan Army do when Scotland are not participating in the World Cup? Support whoever are playing England.

McLeish attacks McConnell 'English posturing'

JACK McConnell's continuing refusal to support England at the World Cup could lead to more violence on the streets of Scotland, former First Minister Henry McLeish has warned.

English backlash exposes naivety of McConnell on football issue

IF THE police are called to a splendid Georgian mansion in Edinburgh's New Town on Sunday after complaints from the neighbours about the noise, we know in advance why the constables will have been summoned.

Bitter feelings only serve to harm our nation

THIS is proving a bad World Cup for Scotland.

Park disgrace as boy, 7, in England top punched by yob

AN assault on a seven-year-old boy who was punched and kicked while playing in a city park for wearing an England shirt was today widely condemned as bringing "shame on Scotland".

Blair hits out at Scots who will not back England in World Cup

TONY Blair last night rebuked Scots who support any team playing against England at the World Cup and urged fans to rally behind their neighbours.

England has its reasons for being desperate for Scots' approval

AM I alone in nursing a sense of frustration and bewilderment at the obsession of the English nation with what we think of them? It is odd, is it not, that since the World Cup kicked off, the English media focus has been on whether Scots will support England or ABE (Anyone But England)?

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