Woolworths is dead, long live… any store we fancy

A YEAR ago we were in a state of national mourning over the closure of Woolworths. An icon of the high street had been forced to bring its shutters down as the first frosts of a fierce recession bit.

Rivals gain from wander of Woolworths

RETAILERS have gained nearly £500 million in extra business from the collapse of Woolworth's, figures released yesterday revealed.

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Stornoway ex-Woolworths workers re-open closed store

FORMER Woolworths workers who lost their jobs when the high street giant folded in January today defied the recession to open a new store.

One million log on to new Woolworths website

One million shoppers logged on to the new Woolworths.co.uk site in its first week of trading, the company said today.

New name but same old Woolies planned

FORMER Woolworths bosses are reportedly planning to relaunch the chain under a different name.

Woolworths gets fleeced on final day

IT is bitterly cold outside. And inside the gaping empty shell of Edinburgh's last trading Woolworths store, it's even colder.

End of an era as Woolies bids farewell

WOOLWORTHS' remaining 200 stores have closed their doors for the last time, leaving more than 27,000 people unemployed.

Last Woolies store to keep doors open for extra day

THE last remaining Woolworths store in Edinburgh is to stay open for an extra day in a bid to sell off extra stock.

That's all folks as the wonder of Woolworths fades with 34 stores closing their doors

THERE was almost a party atmosphere in the Woolworths store in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Bittersweet farewell to the pic'n'mix

EVEN as they prepared to sell the final bag of pic'n'mix, hang up their red corporate shirts and collect their P45s, Woolworths' workforce, it seems, could not be stripped of their sense of humour.

Woolworths closures begin

A QUARTER of Woolworths stores will close today as the end looms for the failed retailer.

Woolies details closure plan

WOOLWORTHS' final two weeks on Britain's high streets were mapped out yesterday as administrators released a schedule of closures.

Countdown to Woolworths closures

ADMINISTRATORS at Woolworths have given details of the dates when each of its 807 stores will close over the next two weeks.

End of road for Woolies

WOOLWORTHS' final two weeks on Britain's high streets were mapped out last night as administrators released a schedule of closures for the failed retailer.

Farewell Woolies: Death of a high street icon

SCRATCHED into the wood and metal of the service lift of one Woolies are the Christian names of some of its past employees: Andrew. Euan. Vicky. Even the odd heart indicating that love once blossomed here.

All Woolworths stores are to close within three weeks

ALL Woolworths' stores will shut by January 5, administrators confirmed today.

Closing-down sale begins as buyers snub Woolworths

WOOLWORTHS will launch a closing-down sale today after administrators said they had so far failed to find a buyer for the ailing retailer.

Former Woolies boss in bid for stores

A former boss of struggling retail chain Woolworths is bidding to take over more than half the group's high street stores.

Former owner looks to save Woolworths

A FORMER Woolworths owner has confirmed he is looking at a possible bid to save the stricken retailer.

Mixed news from Woolies with staff axed as prices are slashed

WOOLWORTHS is cutting 450 jobs from support operations, administrators Deloitte said yesterday – as it also revealed it was slashing 50 per cent off goods at the sweets-to-DVDs chain.

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