Women and work

Women and work

Pay gap narrows as more women bring home bacon

THE gender pay gap is closing in Edinburgh as more women become the family breadwinner, government figures revealed today.

600m women 'trapped in vulnerable jobs' says UN report

MORE than half the world's working women are trapped in insecure jobs, often without protection from employment laws, according to a United Nations report.

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Men make better bosses, according to employees

THE glass ceiling that once stopped women rising to the top of the business world may have been broken but employees of both genders still think that men make better bosses, a new study has claimed.

Tribunal backs women who were paid £10,000 less

TWO women employed at a key government jobs agency who were paid about £10,000 a year less than a male colleague for eight years have won their equal pay tribunal case.

Expert says women must be pushed to break through glass ceiling

BOSSES should be harder on their female staff to help them achieve their full potential, according to a senior US consultant to start-up businesses.

Women in full-time work earn 12% less than men

WOMEN in full-time work earn 12 per cent less than their male colleagues in Scotland, according to a new study released to mark the 40th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act.

Shake-up set to boost women in boardroom

MEASURES to encourage greater representation of women in Britain's boardrooms have been outlined today, as part of an overhaul of the City corporate governance code.

Starting a family? Work for the state

GOLD-PLATED pensions and greater job security are not the only advantages of working in the public sector. It also increases your chances of having a baby.

Wage gap widens as Scottish women are left to count the cost

THE difference in average wages between men and women in full-time employment in Scotland has increased, official figures have shown.

'Sexist Nomura bank bosses called breasts honkers and said women should be at home cleaning floors'

TWO female City high-flyers who claim they were hounded out of their jobs by sexist Japanese bosses are each suing a leading investment bank for £1.5 million.

First woman Beefeater was 'bullied' at the Tower – and heads may roll

TWO Yeoman Warders from the Tower of London have been suspended and another is under investigation over allegations of harassment of the first ever female Beefeater.

Men still dominating in the boardroom

UK COMPANIES have ten times as many male managing directors as women and often give them bigger salaries, according to new research today.

Harman facing fight against diversity bill

BUSINESS groups are preparing to do battle with Harriet Harman, the Equality Minister, tomorrow when she unveils new diversity legislation which they argue will strike the private sector while it is down.

How to survive a career crisis

1 DON’T PANIC IT’S THE natural reaction when any employee hears the dreaded “r” word, but panicking is probably the least helpful thing you can do at this stage. Instead, says Jackie Lawrie, a director at Lawrie Thomson Recruitment, “take a deep breath, and remind yourself of what you still have in terms of skills and potential. A lot of people take a redundancy personally, but what you have to remember is that it’s the post, not the individual.”

Gap widens in battle of sexes as fewer women land top jobs

SCOTLAND'S most talented women face a "concrete ceiling" in the workplace that is continuing to prevent many landing the most powerful jobs in society, according to a report.

Equality supremo Harman admits new law will lead to discrimination against men

PLANS to give businesses the power to discriminate in favour of women and ethnic minorities have provoked a furore among both businesses and equality campaigners.

Time gentlemen, please

ONE of the most famous scenes in the cult 1970s film The Wicker Man is the moment when a bewildered Sergeant Howie encounters the regulars at the local pub.

Women 'ask for nearly £4,000 less than men'

WOMEN are asking for nearly £4,000 a year less in pay than men on average when registering with a leading online recruitment service, it was disclosed yesterday.

Bosses ‘avoid hiring mums’

RESEARCHERS have claimed employers shy away from hiring women with young children.

Women on the rise in trade unions

WOMEN are becoming increasingly active in trade unions and are taking up more senior posts, according to a study by Labour Research, with two of the top ten unions having female general secretaries.

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