WMD intelligence inquiry

WMD intelligence inquiry

Government to release WMD dossier

THE government has been told to release a key document concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

US official used 'dubious' Iraq intelligence

A LEADING figure in the Bush administration's march to war in Iraq used questionable intelligence about Saddam Hussein's links to al-Qaeda to help justify the 2003 invasion, a US defence watchdog said yesterday.

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WMD expert quit Iraq search over 'flawed methods' of the CIA

AN expert who took part in the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq said today that he quit because he felt the programme was being used to justifying the United States' decision to go to war.

'Cover-up' claims over lord's letter

FORMER Cabinet minister Clare Short accused the Government of a cover-up today after new evidence emerged about Attorney General Lord Goldsmith’s legal advice over the Iraq war.

Blair faces pressure over legal case for war

THE Government came under fresh pressure today to explain the legal advice on which it committed British forces to the Iraq war.

Weapons search in Iraq ends empty-handed

THE search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has been formally called off without any evidence of the banned materials.

Head of MI6 announces reshuffle in intelligence

THE Government confirmed today a major reshuffle at the head of Britain’s MI6 secret service in the wake of the fiasco over the dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

Butler 'satisfied' with war probe

FORMER Cabinet Secretary Lord Butler today said he was "satisfied" he was not prevented from properly investigating the run-up to war in Iraq by his inquiry’s tight terms of reference.

Hoon under fire as he admits Black Watch plan

PRO-WAR Labour MPs yesterday led a united attack by all parties and factions on the government’s plan to order the Black Watch towards Baghdad.

Embattled Blair tries desperately to justify going to war

OPPONENTS of the war that toppled Saddam Hussein were willing to tolerate the Iraqi dictator’s atrocities, Tony Blair said yesterday, desperately trying to fend off continued attacks over the conflict.

Straw admits 45-minutes claim wrong

THE government finally admitted last night that its controversial claim Saddam Hussein could deploy weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes was wrong.

MPs questions to re-ignite row over Iraq's WMDs

THE on-going political controversy over Iraq will be met head-on by the government today when it faces MPs’ questions over weapons of mass destruction and the death of British hostage, Kenneth Bigley.

Minister says sorry for Iraq intelligence

A CABINET minister has apologised for the first time for the flawed intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq.

Saddam got rid of stockpiles but not his deadly ambition

WHEN George Bush said at the end of the Iraq war that it would be only a matter of time before stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons were discovered, few doubted him.

Firms and governments mired by bribes to fend off UN action

SADDAM Hussein’s network of corruption and bribery reached so deep into French public life that the Iraqi dictator even considered using Iraqi oil money to sponsor a candidate in the 2002 presidential election, a CIA investigation revealed yesterday.

Lord Butler says weapons evidence 'very thin'

INTELLIGENCE indicating Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons was "very thin," the author of a critical report on the government’s case for war in Iraq said yesterday.

Dyke attacks Blair for bullying over Iraq

THE simmering row between Tony Blair and the BBC threatened to erupt again last night after former Director-General Greg Dyke accused the Prime Minister of bullying broadcasters over coverage of the Iraq war.

Nationalists lead bid to impeach PM over Iraq

SCOTTISH and Welsh Nationalists are leading an attempt to impeach Tony Blair for misleading Parliament in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

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