Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Scot who saw WWII end not with a bang, nor whimper, but a grunt

THE Scottish codebreaker who told Winston Churchill that the European conflict in the Second World War had ended has died at the age of 91.

Churchill covered up UFO close encounter claim

SIR Winston Churchill was accused of covering up a close encounter between an RAF aircraft and a UFO during the Second World War, newly-released files revealed today.

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Owner lifts lid on historic Churchill cigar

A CIGAR smoked by prime minister Winston Churchill as he planned D-Day has been unearthed – after being hidden for 66 years.

Out of the ashes

WINSTON Churchill once said: "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." It's a phrase dear to my heart, for it was failure that introduced Winston to me, he long dead and me buried alive in a blizzard of typed pages. Let me explain.

Churchill held Jews to blame for persecution

WINSTON Churchill suggested the Jewish people were "partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer", according to a document made public for the first time.

Churchill's art fetches £600,000

A PAINTING by Sir Winston Churchill has been sold for a record £612,800 at auction.

Churchill painting sells for £612,800

A PAINTING by Sir Winston Churchill was sold for a record price of £612,800 at auction yesterday, Sotheby's said.

Churchill's art under hammer

A RECENTLY discovered painting by Sir Winston Churchill is expected to fetch £250,000 at auction.

Churchill voted Britain's past master

HE DEFEATED the Nazis, and now he has beaten the king of rock 'n' roll. Winston Churchill, the prime minister who led Britain during the Second World War, has pushed Elvis into second place as the person most people would like to meet if they could travel through time.

Churchill's heart attack revealed

SIR Winston Churchill suffered a heart attack in 1952, during his second term of office.

Churchill's diaries reveal post-war heart attack

THE delicate health of wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill was revealed yesterday in documents that showed he suffered a heart attack in 1952, during his second term of office.

Commons condemn 'insult' of Churchill statue

A CONTROVERSIAL statue of Winston Churchill in a straitjacket was condemned as "an ignorant gimmick" in the Commons yesterday.

Love him or hate him, we all owe Churchill a debt

WINSTON Churchill did not always delight a Scottish audience, partly because of his habit - which will strike a chord with many readers - of using "England" and "English" where "Britain" and "British" would have been more appropriate. Yet he enjoyed a long connection with Scotland. He became MP for Dundee in 1908 at a time when being English and a duke’s grandson were no disadvantage.

Churchill's funeral 'ten years in planning'

WHEN Sir Winston Churchill died 40 years ago today, more than a decade had gone into planning his State funeral, it was revealed today.

Winston's finest hours relived

THE red velvet siren suit stands in a glass case. The trademark cigar, unlit, rests on a holder. The trilby hat hangs without a head to hold it high. The possessions of Winston Churchill are displayed like those of a secular saint, but rather more grandly - in a £14 million museum to be opened by the Queen next month.

Mau Mau plot to assassinate Churchill's wife revealed

AFRICAN extremists threatened to assassinate Lady Churchill in 1954 if British troops did not pull out of Kenya, according to secret documents released today.

£12m Churchill archive was on offer for £100,000

SIR Winston Churchill’s vast archive of personal papers could have been acquired by the government for a fraction of the £12 million spent in Lottery Money to buy them, official papers have revealed.

Churchill's 'plot' to kill Mussolini

WINSTON Churchill ordered the murder of Mussolini to cover up a secret peace deal, a new investigation has claimed.

Churchill's war fears for Gibraltar's apes

THE extraordinary level of government attention that was paid to the health, welfare and sex lives of Gibraltar’s famous Barbary Apes is revealed in secret files.

Lost Churchill images a skip in time

IMAGES of Winston Churchill which were believed to have been lost are set for auction after being rescued from a rubbish bin.

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