Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder

Ryder film role

ACTRESS Winona Ryder has landed her first movie role since being convicted of shoplifting from an upmarket Los Angeles store.

Hollywood stars' drug doctor 'duped sick patients'

A DOCTOR accused of catering to the drug demands of Winona Ryder also took advantage of genuinely sick patients while they were under the influence of narcotics he prescribed, it has been alleged.

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Addiction link to Winona's thefts

HOLLYWOOD actress Winona Ryder may have shoplifted to get "fast cash" to fund an addiction to painkillers, according to her probation report.

Ryder spared jail but must have therapy

WINONA Ryder escaped a jail sentence yesterday but was ordered to do charitable work as penance for her shoplifting spree in an expensive Los Angeles department store.

Chrissy Iley on Winona Ryder and celebrity shoplifting

Shoplifting is profoundly middle class. People who are hungry or deprived rob, burgle or beg. People who are bored or sad, or who need to airlift themselves out of the comfort zone, shoplift. It’s the emotional equivalent of having a relationship with a bad boy, except you are your own bad boy.

Star Treatment - kleptomania

REVELATIONS that screen star Winona Ryder - just convicted of grand theft and vandalism - may have shoplifted before, raises the question: is this kleptomania? In which case, is she ill rather than guilty? And what is the difference between kleptomania and shoplifting anyway?

Winona 'caught stealing in other stores'

HOLLYWOOD actress Winona Ryder, who was convicted of shoplifting last week, was suspected of stealing from other upmarket department stores, it was revealed last night.

Other stores quizzed Ryder

ACTRESS Winona Ryder was stopped by staff at stores in New York and Beverly Hills before her arrest for shoplifting at Saks Fifth Avenue, court transcripts reveal today.

Winona faces prison sentence

IN PROBABLY her most difficult starring role so far, Hollywood actress Winona Ryder was yesterday found guilty of grand theft and vandalism after a six-day trial for shoplifting.

Winona's defence 'just a Hollywood story'

PROSECUTORS have dismissed the arguments used by Winona Ryder’s defence lawyer in her shoplifting trial as a story that "could only have been written in Hollywood".

Object lessons

WINONA Ryder, who stands accused of snipping the security tags off £3,646 of goods from an exclusive department store, was trying to outwit an electronic surveillance system invented by Philip Anderson, emeritus professor at Princeton and a Nobel laureate.

Saks employee denies wanting to 'nail' actress

A SECURITY manager who has provided key evidence in the Winona Ryder shoplifting trial yesterday denied that he had vowed to "nail" the actress.

Winona says director told her to steal

WINONA Ryder told a security manager she had tried to steal clothes from a Los Angeles store as practice for a forthcoming film role, her trial has heard.

Friendly jury for Ryder trial

THE actress Winona Ryder, whose trial on shoplifting charges begins today, will have a showbusiness-friendly jury that includes her Hollywood friend Peter Guber.

Winona jury to be chosen

THE jury which will try Hollywood actress Winona Ryder on shoplifting charges was being selected today.

Star Winona back in court

HOLLYWOOD actress Winona Ryder was due in court today for the latest round in her long-running shoplifting trial.

Winona set to plead guilty

ACTRESS Winona Ryder is thought to be ready to admit the shoplifting charges against her.

Judge rejects Ryder claim

A JUDGE in Beverly Hills has refused to disqualify prosecutors in the shop-lifting court case against actress Winona Ryder, rejecting her lawyer’s claim that they have been trying to humiliate her.

Star denies theft charges

ACTRESS Winona Ryder has appeared in court to formally deny charges that she stole designer goods from a store.

Ryding for a fall

AFTER years in the wilderness, Winona Ryder is finally starring in a film that everyone wants to see. However, the footage that has re-engaged Hollywood’s interest is not her new flick Mr Deeds, due out later this month. Rather, it’s Ryder’s misdeeds, allegedly caught during a Christmas shopping trip by security cameras at a Beverly Hills Saks store last year.

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