Wimbledon 2002

Wimbledon 2002

No roof on centre court if ‘sweating’ problem ruins grass

WIMBLEDON officials will seriously consider building a roof over Centre Court if problems with condensation and ventilation can be overcome satisfactorily.

Wimbledon win is just Aus-ome

LLEYTON HEWITT learned from the Australian legends and then went out and joined them by becoming the first man from down under to win the Wimbledon title for 15 years.

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Hewitt grasps his destiny

THE scoreline was predictable, the rain breaks were inevitable. And Lleyton Hewitt proved simply unbeatable.

Williams duo settle in for long stay on centre stage

SERENA Williams will be confirmed as the new world No1 this morning when the WTA rankings are released. For anyone who saw her at Wimbledon on Saturday, though, those rankings will be nothing more than the rubber-stamping of something which has been an established fact for months.

Sister act pair up to do the double

VENUS and Serena Williams completed their domination of this year’s Wimbledon in ruthless fashion last night by adding the women’s doubles crown to their bulging trophy cabinet.

Dominant Williams sisters want to get better

THE Williams sisters played like a million dollars - and earned more than that - as they underlined their domination of women’s tennis at Wimbledon 2002.

Brewer steps out on stairway that promises stardom

IT IS only his second sampling of Wimbledon, and this young Scottish tennis aspirant is well into his second week. David Brewer lists the three things he most wants after an active day out on court dabbling in both the singles and doubles disciplines of the junior event.

Serena simply serene

FOR those who have followed the storyline closely over the past couple of years, the result was easy to predict. In the end, it had very little to do with the tennis and rather more to do with the general demeanour of the two sisters as their final appointment approached.

Hewitt's new whirl order

ONE OF Lleyton Hewitt’s favourite words is stuff. He does not give a stuff about his world No 1 ranking. Collecting Grand Slam titles, having acquired one already, is far more important. When he first came to Wimbledon, he served and volleyed as he thought it was the correct thing to do. Not getting anywhere, he said: “Stuff this, I’m going to play my game.”

Phew! Exploring for gas is such an unusual treatment for Henman’s vapours

THERE are those who have been saying for years that Tim Henman’s proclamations about winning Wimbledon are nothing but hot air, but now it is official. There is medical proof.

Ooh I say...Mac the Mouth rushes in where despairing Dan would fear to tread

TIME was when the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon was so forgettably mild-mannered, viewers occasionally got the impression that they had stumbled upon a Victorian tea party, with commentators indulging in euphemisms and everyone blandly agreeing what a jolly spectacle it all was. The doyen of dreariness was Dan Maskell, who sounded so frail and antiquated that you feared SW19’s resident stretcher-bearers would be summoned any moment.

Hill of broken dreams for Tim’s fan club

THEY yelled, cheered and shouted his name until they were fit to burst. Yet even the most vocal support from the part of Wimbledon named after Britain’s tennis hero was not enough.

Outclassed and out again.

THE perennial challenge is over. Britain’s 76-year wait for a homebred men’s singles champion now becomes a 77-year wait - at least.

Hewitt floors Henman with ease

LLEYTON Hewitt likes to be known as Rocky, and after seeing him knock out Tim Henman in devastating fashion it is easy to understand why.

Working on the mental approach

AS part of his search for the elusive Wimbledon title Tim Henman noticeably toughened his approach, producing a clenched fist throughout this year’s tournament that has become a new trademark.

Fixing rumours about siblings put punters off

GAMBLERS in Britain are wary of betting on the women’s Wimbledon final today because of rumours that sisters Venus and Serena Williams will pre-determine the result before today’s match, a leading bookmaker said yesterday.

Time for sisters to become real rivals

THE greatest responsibility for producing a good women’s singles final this afternoon does not lie with either participant. Venus and Serena Williams will have to play their part, of course, but if we are to get a decent match, it will be down to their mother.

Such devoted sisters

CYNICS have suggested that the wonderful Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, divide up the spoils of the woman’s professional tennis circuit in the same way they once divided sweets on the streets of Compton, the tough LA ghetto where they grew up among the gunfire of rival gangs.

Tiny Tims cause a smash

TINY Tims who attempt to copy the smash of Britain’s No1 tennis player are sending insurance claims soaring across Britain during Wimbledon fortnight.

Cool response to Williams final

THERE was no outbreak of general rejoicing yesterday at the conclusion of the women’s singles semi-finals. No whoops of celebration from the stands, nor licking of lips in anticipation of a fine final tomorrow.

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