William Wallace

William Wallace

William Wallace hung, drawn and quartered after 'misunderstanding'

WILLIAM WALLACE was brutally hanged, drawn and quartered because the English King Edward I - the infamous "Hammer of the Scots" - believed he wanted to be the king of Scotland, according to new research.

Braveheart dismissed as sensationalist by star McAvoy

Scots actor James McAvoy has revived a debate about Braveheart's take on Scottish history, 15 years after the rousing epic won five Oscars and was credited with rallying support for Scottish independence.

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England thinks again on Wallace letter

IT IS a little over the size of a postcard, more than seven centuries old and firmly locked away in a drawer in the Home Counties.

Scottish history errors explained: From William Wallace to clan tartans, the truth behind the legends

A new book by a TV question-setter helps sort out a few misconceptions about Scotland, a couple of outright mistakes and some of our trickier pronunciations

SNP looks to bring last William Wallace possession home

THE Scottish Government has started moves to repatriate the only surviving possession of William Wallace.

Braveheart Wallace is a monster, says Gibson

ACTOR Mel Gibson has told Scotland on Sunday that William Wallace was a "monster" and admitted he romanticised the iconic 13th century freedom fighter in his film Braveheart.

Interview: Mel Gibson

On the 15th anniversay of the release of his Scottish epic Braveheart, actor and director Mel Gibson reveals why he thinks his highly fictionalised tale of William Wallace resonates with more than just Scots

Lives of Scottish warriors recreated

A TEAM of swordmakers is to recreate the lives of Scottish warriors such as William Wallace and Rob Roy and Donald McBane at the National Museum of Scotland tomorrow.

700-year-old treason charge against Wallace 'will not be ruled a miscarriage of justice'

THE treason charges which led to the execution of Scottish hero Sir William Wallace will never be ruled a miscarriage of justice.

William Wallace denied day in court

HIS heart may have been brave but it would be sinking today.

Hero Wallace voted greatest Will in history

SCOTS legend William Wallace has been voted the "greatest Will of all time" in a new poll.

Bond jacket may fetch £50,000 as outfits are auctioned

IT COULD cost you £5,000 to dress like William Wallace - but nearly ten times that to wear James Bond's dinner jacket.

Battles are still making history after 700 years

WILLIAM Wallace and Robert the Bruce triumphed again last night - this time in a television poll to find Scotland's most significant historical moments.

Wallace named greatest Scot by gallery

WILLIAM Wallace was named the greatest Scot in a National Portrait Gallery poll yesterday, ahead of Robert Burns and Robert the Bruce.

Brave Wallace melts his people's hearts

HE WAS the Scottish patriot whose bloody death culminated in his limbs being sent to the four corners of Britain as a warning to all who followed him.

Braveheart killing 'topped bill at fair'

WILLIAM Wallace's execution was the opening attraction of a giant medieval carnival, according to research which sheds new light on the freedom fighter's death in August 1305.

Call for returning Wallace document

A SCOTTISH parliamentarian is seeking the return of a document once carried by William Wallace.

Drive to return letter from French king to Willliam Wallace

A campaign was launched yesterday for the return of a letter from the king of France to William Wallace.

Never give up - Bruce fights back in war of Scottish heroes

ONE was a national hero and guerrilla fighter who restored Scottish pride before dying a glorious, if bloody, martyr's death. The other was a self-serving opportunist who betrayed his countrymen in his own ambitious quest to become the King of Scotland.

Walking in the footsteps of Wallace

THE advent of the internet has meant that it has never been easier to research your background from the comfort of home. This has proved invaluable to the many Americans whose Scottish surname suggests that their DNA hails from somewhere in the old country. Yet an increasing number of amateur genealogists are no longer content to get to grips with their grandfather's past through faded birth certificates. They want to see what he saw and walk in his footsteps.

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