Will Springer

Will Springer

Fresh arrests as hunt for suspects in UK terror plot widens

TWO more men were in custody today and police across Scotland were granted broad stop-and-search powers, as authorities expanded their investigation to more than a dozen locations following the attempted terror attacks in Glasgow and London.

British Embassy tourists in Ethiopia released

THE FIVE Western tourists kidnapped in Ethiopia nearly two weeks ago have been freed and are safe, Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett announced this afternoon.

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Prince Harry deployed to Iraq

PRINCE Harry and his Army regiment are being deployed to Iraq in the spring, the Ministry of Defence confirmed today.

Two more bodies found in Ipswich case

TWO more bodies were discovered this afternoon in Suffolk by police investigating a series of murdered local prostitutes.

Unthinkable act of Christmas kindness

LIFE in the trenches along the Western Front during the First World War was horrific. For hundreds of miles across Belgium and France, British forces – a large number of Scots among them – huddled in six-foot living graves fighting a German enemy who were only shouting distance away.

Scotland's amazing role in football's success

ENGLAND may or may not win the World Cup this summer but they are rightfully considered heroes for inventing football. However there is growing evidence that reveals the true pioneers of the game are from Scotland.

Ibrox Park and the greatest loss of all

SPORT is meant to be a perfect pastime to put sharpness to our otherwise dull lives. While defeat of a favourite football club can lead to sadness for fans, the loss is only as brief as the "next time". Unless there is no next time.

America's touching tribute to Scotland's war dead

NEARLY 80 years ago, on a bright Edinburgh day, hundreds of people joined in the unveiling of a new war memorial on the west end of Princes Street Gardens. Like most monuments and plaques that dot the city's landscape, this particular one has carried additional significance ever since.

Scotland visit for American kilt student

THE AMERICAN student involved in a heated clash with school administrators over his wearing of a kilt has successfully completed his high school education and revealed plans to visit Scotland.

Forensics team closes in on Culloden graves

THE BATTLE of Culloden – described in countless of books – still has an unfinished chapter in its 260-year-old story.

Scotland's important role in New York City memorial

WHEN she learned that her daughter died in the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001, Alex Clarke walked out to her sanctuary - the garden. It was her way of coping with the awful reality that her "little girl" would never come home.

World's oldest football – fit for a Queen

A LITTLE-known fact about Mary, Queen of Scots was that she enjoyed sport. Mary would swing a golf club or tennis racket from time to time and she was a spectator at sporting competitions. But did she also play football – Scotland's national sport?

Amazing discoveries, 250 years after Culloden

WEARING a bonnet and dressed in a tartan coat, Bonnie Prince Charlie, astride his grey gelding, rode toward the flat but soggy battlefield known as Culloden Moor. Ahead of him on the right flank were the Atholl Brigade, the Camerons, the Stewarts of Appin and the Frasers – all under the leadership of Lord George Murray.

Family declares victory in kilt dispute

THE PARENTS involved in a kilt controversy in America were overjoyed with this week's decision to grant their student-son the right to wear his Scottish attire in school.

American school lifts ban on kilts

THE AMERICAN school that prevented a student from wearing his kilt to a dance has backed down from its tough stance and issued a formal apology.

Legal fund set up for US kilt-wearing student

SUPPORTERS have established a legal defence fund for the Missouri family challenging a high school's decision to ban their son from wearing a kilt.

Till death do us part

A ONCE popular refrain among some school-age children in Scotland gives the outline to the story. A deeply jealous doctor suspects his wife of adultery, loses his patience and kills her. Till death do us part.

Kilt-wearing student plans legal action

PLANS are under way to take legal action against a Missouri school district that banned a student from wearing his Scottish kilt to a high school dance, scotsman.com learned exclusively today.

A day when Scottish football scorched the record books

THERE was a time in Scotland's sporting history when it was common to see young men band together to form football clubs for the pure enjoyment of the game. Emigrants, mates from work or a group from the local town would take to the pitch as one for a weekend of fitba. Then, just as now, matches could be found on patches of grass and dirt from Stornoway to Strathaven, Lewis to Largs.

Culture clash as American school bans kilt

THE NICKNAME for Missouri is the "Show Me State", which is to mean that people from America's conservative heartland are stalwart, a bit stubborn and have a devotion to common sense. The stalwart and stubborn aspects of the state moniker might explain what happened when a school principal confronted one of his students who was dressed in a kilt.

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