'Dramfest' set for record as whisky lovers queue to beat the recession

ONE of Scotland's most popular niche festivals is set to buck the recession by attracting a record number of visitors to the heart of whisky country in Moray.

Best of Whisky Month

WHISKY Month is a series of 32 events running across Scotland throughout May as part of Homecoming. For full programme, see www.homecomingscotland2009.com/whiskymonth

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Drink: Amber rambler

THIS Friday sees the beginning of whisky month. Four weeks of festivals and events centred on our most famous export. Given our propensity to over-indulge on whichever celebration takes our fancy, Friday afternoon could be particularly boisterous. But I doubt it.

Budget 2009: Few cheers as duty rise comes at the worst time, say whisky leaders

THE announcement of a 2 per cent rise in whisky duty in yesterday's Budget prompted an angry reaction from the industry and the SNP.

Four-year-old whisky comes of age

TRADITIONALISTS may not like it, but it's a case of young whisky galore.

Delayed effect of slump puts Scotch on the rocks

THE Scotch whisky industry must face up to the reality that it will not escape the effects of the global economic downturn and will have to exploit new opportunities, a leading industry analyst will warn this week.

Scotch giant Pernod reveals slower sales but sticks to 1bn profits goal

SPIRITS giant Pernod Ricard, the second-biggest Scotch whisky maker, yesterday unveiled a slump in sales in its third quarter, but forecast an improvement in Q4.

Reynier toasts soaring profits as Bruichladdich bucks malt forecasts

MARK Reynier, the former London wine merchant who bought Bruichladdich back to life in 2001, has grown profits more than 40% at the Islay distillery as he plans to introduce an organic malt later this year.

Chinese offer hope of action on fake Scotch

THE Chinese authorities are expected to take action against imitation Scotch whisky by the end of year following talks with Alex Salmond in China yesterday.

Salmond confident over Chinese protection for Scotch whisky

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond said today he was confident "rapid progress" could be made in ensuring greater protection for Scotch whisky in China.

Salmond urges China to protect status of Scotch

ALEX Salmond is to demand that Scotch whisky's unique status is protected from unfair competition from bootleg foreign spirits when he embarks on a week-long visit to China today.

St George's and England ready to join battle for global whisky sales

SAINT George's Distillery, the company behind the first whisky to be made in England for more than a century, will this week start exporting to overseas markets in a bid to compete with Scotch malts in bars around the world.

Beard jumps ship from Bacardi for top role at W&M

A SENIOR figure from the UK drinks industry has been appointed as the head of Whyte & MacKay to lead the distiller's expansion plans in both domestic and international markets.

Edrington sets up sales teams for Far East

EDRINGTON, the maker of the Famous Grouse and Macallan whiskies, has founded the company's first wholly-owned sales and distribution teams in two key export markets in Asia.

Bee gets a buzz out of new Diageo role

DRINKS giant Diageo has appointed Richard Bee as its finance director for Scotland.

Distillers toast spirited tourists as whisky route brings in £25m

SCOTCH whisky's global appeal has led to an unprecedented surge in the value of its 'whisky route' as new figures reveal more than one million tourists visited distilleries last year, spending more than £25m in the process.

Whiskies Galore

THE function room on the top floor of the Scottish Whisky Experience in Edinburgh looks like the aftermath of a particularly decadent party. There is barely an inch of carpet visible beneath row upon row of gleaming whisky bottles. Some are full, the morning light shining through them and casting a syrupy glow onto the pale carpet, while others are half empty, so old that a portion of their contents has evaporated. Tidying up this lot looks like it's going to be one heck of a job.

Spirit of '93 may be revived under £5m distillery plan

WITH its distinctly fruity nose, it was regarded as the finest of all Lowland malts.

BenRiach confirms its icon status with Whisky Magazine award

CELEBRATIONS will no doubt be continuing this weekend at BenRiach after the Elgin distillery was named as an "icon of whisky" by Whisky Magazine.

Whisky producers turn screw on Seoul

THE Scotch Whisky Association will this week call on the European Union to step up the pressure on South Korea to lower its punitive 20% import tariffs in a groundbreaking free trade agreement that will help unlock the fifth largest whisky market in the world.

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