Celtic Connections review: Little Feat, ABC, Glasgow


Little Feat have sussed the key to longevity as a band – go on holiday to Jamaica every year and invite your fans along for a Feat fest.

Little Feat

ABC, Glasgow

Star rating: * * * *

Suitably laid-back Caribbean vibes were all over their opening number, Time Loves A Hero, at the closing night of Celtic Connections.

Having regrouped 25 years ago after the death of their founder, frontman Lowell George, the tight six-piece are about to go on hiatus again so guitarist Paul Barrere can receive treatment for hepatitis C.

Did this generate a sense of urgency in their performance? Not a bit of it. Part of the pleasure of this set was the players’ consummate ability to take their sweet, serpentine time with those relaxed but involving jams, working up to a seamless fusion of, for example, bluesy licks with Afro jazz incantations or Philly soul and truck-stop boogie. Barrere and Fred Tackett switched electric guitars for acoustic and mandolin to lead a soulful Tex Mex take on Willin’, which incorporated a puff of Don’t Bogart That Joint and a faithful rendition of The Band’s The Weight.

Rooster Rag added some Cajun flavour to their rich brew. John Fullbright, a young roots singer/songwriter from Oklahoma, provided assured support. Although a mere babe next to Bill Payne and co, he already radiates a quiet confidence and natural flair, fleshing out his acoustic blues with dexterous electric guitar accompaniment.




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