Psy imposter fools Cannes celebrities

Doppelgang-nam style? The imposter, left, and the real Psy. Picture: Getty

Doppelgang-nam style? The imposter, left, and the real Psy. Picture: Getty

A MAN masquerading as South Korean rapper Psy, who took the world by storm with the ‘Gangnam Style’ song, has been outed - after two days of partying with various celebrities on the French riviera.

The as-yet unidentified man posed for photos with A-list celebrities, attended numerous parties and even appeared on a French television programme in order to teach a presenter his signature dance, but was rumbled when GQ contributing photographer Dylan Don posted a photo on Instagram of him and the doppelganger with the caption ‘Who is this guy?’

The South Korean musician, real name Park Jae-Sang, confirmed he was in Singapore, and asked his manager, Scott ‘Scooter’ Braun, to say hello to the imposter. Psy tweeted: “Seems like there’s another Me at Cannes... say Hi to him Scooter Braun Lol (laugh out loud). Psy in Singapore (sic).”

Various reports suggested the ‘fake Psy’ had been seen wearing a blue and white blazer, white trousers, a turquoise tie and even a pair of sunglasses, in a bid to pass himself off as the 35-year-old musician.

The imposter even hired three security guards complete with earpieces to follow him around, and hoodwinked Skyfall actress Naomie Harris, who tweeted a picture of her and the doppelganger at the prestigious Chopard party.




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