Filth: Irvine Welsh movie gets ‘PG’ trailer

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A ‘family-friendly’ trailer for the big-screen adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel Filth has been released, with the film’s extreme content covered up in humourous fashion.

The trailer sees corrupt policeman Bruce Robertson - played by Scottish actor James McAvoy - taking drugs, fist-fighting, attending a sex party and swearing. All of the adult material is obscured by the slogan ‘#FILTH’, the film’s official Twitter hashtag.

The tongue-in-cheek clip encourages viewers to go to the film’s official website to see “real Filth”, and to watch the two trailers already revealed which show the extreme and uncompromising nature of the film.

The film, which also stars Jim Broadbent, Jamie Bell, and Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt is released in Scotland on 27 September.




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