Damian Lewis reveals shaven head at Mull shoot

Damian Lewis sports a new look as he arrives in Mull. Picture: Hemedia

Damian Lewis sports a new look as he arrives in Mull. Picture: Hemedia

FILM star Damian Lewis arrived shaven headed on Mull yesterday to shoot his latest movie.

Lewis, 42, is taking advantage of a break in the filming of the third season of hit TV show Homeland to start work on Second World War drama The Silent Storm.

He plays a dour church minister who returns from war to find the island much changed, with the mine closing and worshippers flocking to the mainland in search of work.

His character believes he is God’s “true messenger”, but his calling is tested when his wife, played by Andrea Riseborough, cheats on him.

Much of the filming will take place on the Carsaig estate, where the production team are building a church.

Some interior scenes will be shot in Inniemore Lodge.

The actor has described the movie as “an intimate character piece”.

He said: “It’s not just bleak, gritty British reality, it has scale and it also has hope.

“It is a tempestuous, brooding drama, just one of those magical pieces.

“There is nothing so rewarding for a film actor as the intensity of an intimate shoot like this will be, isolated away in a beautiful part of the world.”




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