Blog: Life and times of a lawyer to be

The onset of the winter chill reminds me, ruefully, that my last blog was back in the summer months - a lifetime ago.

Blog: Life and Times of a Lawyer to be by Elika Taghizadeh

You can spend the next two years of your life as a radiator or a drain. Bring warmth, appeal and charisma to people around you in any given room, or drain them of all interest and make yourself forgotten by being unimpressive, inconsequential and undistinguished, much like the sorry Mr Cellophane (Chicago).

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Blogging could be the write move for children

SOCIAL networking websites could be doing more good than harm to children, by improving their attitude to writing, research suggests.

Peter MacMahon's Business Blog: Gordon Brown's incredible shrinking economy

I DON'T know if Rick Moranis does political comedy. Perhaps he should consider it.

Peter MacMahon's Business Blog: 'Tiny minority' to blame for RBS mess says new boss

NEVER have so many had the right to be so angry with so few. That, in cod Churchillian terms, is what new Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Sir Philip Hampton, is saying today.

Scott Reid's Business Blog: Green shoots in the City?

AS Obama, Broon & Co set about solving the financial crisis gripping the planet, the Footsie has shot back through the 4,000 mark this morning.

Terry Murden's Business Blog: The English-Scottish debate over Dunfermline's fate misses the point

THE conspiracy theorists have added some colour to the controversy over Dunfermline Building Society's merger with Nationwide. But they're coming at it from opposite sides and from a flawed perspective.

Bill Jamieson's Business Blog: Barratt highlights dire state of house building

FORMER house building giant Barratt brought the spotlight to bear on the stricken housing sector today with news of losses in the six months to end December soaring to £592 million against a profit previously of £195 million. The figure includes a writedown of £494 million on the value of its land bank.

Scott Reid's Business Blog: Are things really all that bad on the high street?

TODAY'S news that struggling sportswear group JJB is shedding more than 400 staff would suggest that conditions remain resolutely grim.

Peter MacMahon's Business Blog: Greed is not so good these days

GREED is good, we were once told by a fictional corporate raider. The Gordon Gekko creed of greed is one of the most famous of all film speeches, brilliantly played by Michael Douglas.

Terry Murden's Business Blog: Legal challenge to Goodwin and co will be a hard nut to crack

THE near-collapse of the banks was bound to prompt calls for an inquiry but it is clear that some want to make an example of the bank bosses and force them to pay for their misdemeanours - quite literally.

Terry Murden's Business Blog: Smooth talking Friends leave a big hole in policy payouts

THANK you very much, Friends Provident. After years of paying me a paltry annual bonus (little more than £8 a year - not even enough for a decent lunch at Starbucks) the firm has cut payouts on its with-profits policies by 20%. That's just in time for my 20-year policy to mature next month.

Martin Flanagan's Business Blog: Any jobless initiative is a good thing

GORDON Brown's £500m pump-priming exercise today to try and prevent a long-term underclass of unemployable people being the legacy of the nascent recession has polarised opinion.

Terry Murden's Business Blog: Watchdog finds a short solution by lifting the ban

IT looks as if the Financial Services Authority has managed to find a compromise on the short-selling issue that should help settle a few nerves.

Martin Flanagan's Business Blog

'WE CAN assure customers their retail deposits are safe with Bradford & Bingley.' 'HBOS is a very well-capitalised bank.' 'Northern Rock does not have funding difficulties.'

Business Blog - Peter MacMahon

It is, supposedly, the most ideological government in what we still call the Western World.

Business Blog - Martin Flanagan

YOU can have too much of a good thing, can't you? We're now reaching that point with business trading updates. Might seem a strange thing for a business reporter to say, but information overload is setting in.

Business Blog - Scott Reid

SEEN many 58 plate motors on the road? Thought not.

Business Blog: Still on Course for a House Price Crash

IF yesterday's package of measures won't do much to help the housing market, what will? And if we let house prices fall to their "equilibrium level", how much lower will that be?

Terry Murden's blog

WELL, the government had to do something. And removing the burden of stamp duty from thousands of homebuyers will be seen as a good thing. Except that it will not make that much difference.

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