War in Iraq

War in Iraq

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Audi RS6: You’re Avant a laugh

WITH performance figures to make your Porsche-owning neighbour very nervous and haunches as wide as the Clyde, the Audi RS6 Avant is about as far removed from the staid image of estate cars as it’s possible to get. Yes, you probably could fit a grandfather clock in the back for an Antiques Show rendezvous with Fiona Bruce, but the Audi is built to warp time, not transport it.

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Gerald Warner: Castro and Marxism won most from the Cuban missile crisis

ARMAGEDDON, with the ­courtesy of four minutes’ warning: that was the prospect facing the world 50 years ago, as the Cuban missile crisis threatened thermonuclear war on a scale that experts today believe would have cost more than 200 million lives.


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Gerald Warner: No defence against the West’s weapon of self-destruction

‘MISSION accomplished” was, for obvious reasons, not a phrase employed by Barack Obama as he declared the Iraq War formally ended last week.

Immunity demand for US troops

American troops remaining in Iraq must be granted immunity from local prosecution, US defence secretary Leon Panetta said yesterday.

Chilling video shows Iraqi insurgents making weapons of death

IRAQI insurgents allied to al-Qaeda have released a video showing showing them manufacturing rockets, silencers, improvised explosive devices, vehicle-borne IEDs, remote-control full-size cars and automated machine-guns.

Iraqi insurgents are killed in attack

Iraqi security forces yesterday killed several insurgents after they attacked a local government compound and a police station in Anbar.

Iraq inquiry 'unravelling Blair deceit' claims SNP

TONY BLAIR'S "tapestry of deceit" over the Iraq war is "unravelling", it has been claimed.

British operations in Iraq draw to a close

BRITISH operations in Iraq have ended after the Royal Navy yesterday completed its mission to train the nation's sailors.

Alastair Campbell did try to 'beef up' Iraq dossier, claims officer

ALASTAIR Campbell's claim that the controversial Iraq dossier was not about putting the "case for war" has been strongly denied by a former top military intelligence officer.

Army probes Iraq footage

Army police and a team of investigators are examining footage that appears to show British soldiers beating an Iraqi civilian.

No apologies as Donald Rumsfeld memoir defends Iraq war

Former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld concludes in his new autobiography that the war in Iraq has been worth the cost and remains largely unapologetic about his handling of the conflict.

Straw told Blair 'We don't need to invade Iraq'

Former foreign secretary Jack Straw has described how, just days before the invasion of Iraq, he advised Tony Blair they need not necessarily send in British troops with the Americans.

Tony Blair didn't trust his own Cabinet and feared they would leak Iraq war details

Tony Blair failed properly to discuss plans to join the United States-led invasion of Iraq because he did not trust his Cabinet colleagues not to leak discussions, the UK's top civil servant said yesterday.

Leader: Tony Blair's dereliction of duty laid bare

Going to war has such profound consequences that the decision to do so must be taken with the utmost concern for constitutional propriety and respect for democracy as well as the lives of service people. After the evidence given to the Chilcot Inquiry yesterday by Sir Gus O'Donnell, the Cabinet secretary, there is now no doubt Tony Blair flagrantly flouted constitutional practice and paid only lip-service to democratic accountability when he took the country into the Iraq conflict.

Car bomb at Shia funeral kills 48 Iraqis

A CAR bomb ripped through a funeral tent in a mainly Shiite area of Baghdad yesterday, killing at least 48 people and triggering skirmishes between Iraqi troops and demonstrators angry about security failures.

Letters: Tony Blair's Chilcot display a useful reminder

Tony Blair's faltering performance at the Chilcot inquiry, reinforced by Lord Goldsmith's revelation that an invasion of Iraq would be illegal without a fresh UN mandate, demonstrates that Labour's tapestry of deceit is falling apart (your report, 22 January).

'You just won't let your mates down' says VC hero

AN AUSTRALIAN commando has been awarded the country's highest military honour while serving in Afghanistan.

Private firms in Iraq

Private foreign security contractors have played a major role in Iraq since the US-led invasion in 2003. It is thought that as many as 100,000 employees of private military companies have been active in the country since the start of the conflict.

Car bombs kill six as terrorists target Shiite pilgrims in Iraq

A SERIES of car bombs exploded around Baghdad yesterday, killing at least six people and wounding 29 in a seemingly co-ordinated series of attacks during a major Shiite religious rite.

Iraq security guard: 'I was seconds away from death. I shot him twice in the chest. Bang bang'

A BRITISH security contractor has told an Iraqi court how he shot two colleagues, claiming that they had threatened to kill him and that he was acting in self-defence, after a drunken brawl in Baghdad's Green Zone.

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