A vole lot of trouble for rodent homes

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to help protect the habitat of water voles living in East Lothian.

Voles force windfarm rethink

A COLONY of water voles is set to cost the Harrods boss Mohamed al-Fayed £1 million on his Scottish estate.

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Water vole faces extinction

THE common Scottish water vole is being wiped out by predatory American mink that are sweeping across the countryside, a conservation expert warned yesterday.

Key to monogamy found in little mouse on the prairie

GALLIVANTING males with a similar degree of sexual restraint to Rasputin may soon be able to seek genetic help in curtailing their polygamous tendencies.

Water voles get a life-raft help to keep mink at bay

THE tiny water vole was immortalised in print as the clever and resourceful Ratty in Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic, The Wind in the Willows.

Developer to rescue voles

UP TO 100 water voles are to be moved from the site of a huge, new West Lothian housing development at a cost of £100,000.

Move to get plans out of a vole

MOVING home is always going to be an expensive business in the Lothians, especially if you’re a water vole.

Water voles develop a taste for the high life

IT IS most famously depicted living a life of ease among the rustling leaves of willow trees on the sleepy banks of English rivers.

Colony set to protect voles

A BID to protect one of Britain’s most endangered native animal species from regional extinction gets under way today.

Now for the vole story

A PREVIOUSLY unknown colony of water voles has been found on a wildlife reserve in West Lothian.

City student finds rare beasts voled up at loch

ONE of Britain’s most endangered animals has been found thriving on a Scottish reserve by an Edinburgh University student.

Water voles thriving on loch's bank

RATTY is a "worthy fellow, with many good qualities, but very little intelligence and absolutely no education".

Voles killed in rat mix-up

THE UK’s fastest declining mammal, the water vole, is being poisoned due to its similarity to the brown rat, wildlife campaigners said today.

Water voles ‘wiped out’ at canal

WATER voles have been wiped out along the Union Canal in West Lothian it is feared after a survey by a leading wildlife group.

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