Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash

Katla volcano monitored in Iceland

SCIENTISTS are monitoring Iceland's Katla volcano following reports that a fresh eruption may be taking place.

Australian airlines cancel hundreds of flights over ash cloud from Chilean volcano

ASH from a Chilean volcano has prompted Australian airlines to cancel flights.

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Flights set to continue as volcano threat fades

Iceland's Grímsvötn volcano is producing mostly steam rather than ash and should calm down within a few days, raising hopes there will be no further disruption to flights in northern Europe.

Play your cards right over flight disruption

We can't stop volcanoes, but there's no need for plans to turn to dust

Eruption ends with a whimper as flights take to skies

AIR travel in Scotland has returned to a near-normal service as the Icelandic volcano which caused widespread flight chaos earlier this week stopped spewing out ash.

Flights resume at Scottish airports as ash cloud disperses - for now

THERE was relief for air passengers in Scotland today with the majority of flights running to schedule after yesterday's ash cloud misery.

'It's just like stone and feather falling from Leaning Tower of Pisa'

IT IS a different volcano - and quite a different type of volcano - that we are dealing with this year.

Budget carriers told they could do better in crisis

PASSENGERS bedded down on Red Cross mattresses or queued to find flight information online at Scotland's busiest airport yesterday as drifting ash from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano wreaked havoc on travel plans.

Thousands to endure more ash cloud chaos

AIR passengers face widespread knock-on disruption from the volcanic ash cloud threatening to cause a third day of travel misery across Scotland.

Public asked to send experts samples of ash to help find out what may happen next time

ASH particles that have fallen in homes and gardens in Scotland can be collected to help create a UK-wide map of how far the fall-out from the Icelandic volcano has spread.

Travellers pin hopes on a silver lining

AS FLIGHT disruption continues today, some travellers have been given hope that air transport may avoid chaos on a par with the scenes seen during last year's Eyjafjallajökull eruption.

Volcanic ash cloud brings flight chaos to Scotland

THE disruption to flights to and from Scotland because of the latest Icelandic ash cloud will continue for the rest of the day.

Passengers get back in the air as ash cloud threat lifts

FLIGHTS out of Edinburgh airport were getting back to normal today after volcanic ash yesterday forced the cancellation of nearly all services.

Ryanair cancels all Scottish flights as ash cloud disruption persists

THE ash cloud from the latest volcanic eruption in Iceland has drifted into Scottish airspace, causing travel chaos for thousands of passengers today.

Volcanic ash is heading for Scotland

THE powerful ash cloud billowing from Iceland's Grimsvötn volcano was last night on track to blanket Scotland this morning, causing air travel chaos.

Volcanic ash cloud set to hit Scottish airspace

VOLCANIC ash from the Grimsvotn Icelandic volcano is expected to hit Scottish airspace today, according to officials.

Analysis: Snow, strikes and ash cloud all took their toll

THERE'S no doubt that Scottish tourism, like destinations across the world, is facing a tough trading environment, but it certainly isn't all doom and gloom, writes Malcolm Roughead.

Wish they were here: big fall in tourists coming to Scotland

SCOTLAND's tourism industry collapsed during what should have been its busiest period last year, new figures have revealed.

Pressure mounts on KLM to pay up

PRESSURE was mounting on Dutch airline KLM yesterday to compensate fully British travellers stranded earlier this year during the volcanic ash cloud crisis.

Test on safe level of ash for flying could be lengthy

TESTS to gauge the level of volcanic ash which planes can fly through in safety could prove to be expensive and lengthy.

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