International briefs: Venezuela

PRESIDENT Hugo Chavez says he will move into a tent given to him by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi so he can free up space in the presidential palace for more homeless storm victims. He told aides on state television: "Put up the tent that Gaddafi gave me."

Hugo Chavez: Climate change 'due to criminal capitalism'

President Hugo Chavez has blamed "criminal" capitalism for global climate phenomena, including incessant rains that have brought chaos to Venezuela, killing 32 people and leaving 70,000 homeless.

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Poll shock for Chavez as opposition claims one third of Venezuela vote

An EMPTY balcony at the Miraflores presidential palace told Venezuela's latest election story.

Chávez can't keep lid on murder capital

SOME here joke that they might be safer if they lived in Baghdad. Sadly, the numbers bear them out.

Hugo Chavez 'ready for war with Colombia'

VENEZUELAN president Hugo Chavez yesterday said he has deployed troops and air units in case of a conflict with neighbouring Colombia.

Chavez opens up coffin of his liberator hero

HUGO Chavez has opened the coffin of his idol Simon Bolivar as Venezuela investigates the president's suspicions of foul play in the South American independence hero's death nearly two centuries ago. Chavez displayed Bolivar's intact skeleton briefly on national television, saying he wept when he saw the bones of the inspiration for his Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela issues arrest warrant for TV boss critical of Chavez

VENEZUELAN authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the owner of a television channel that takes a critical line against President Hugo Chávez.

Hugo Chavez crackdown on 'mafia' street lenders in Venezuela

VENEZUELA'S President Hugo Chavez has announced a crackdown on money lenders and currency exchanges in a desperate bid to stop the crashing bolivar currency.

Gas workers rescued from sinking rig

NINETY-FIVE workers were rescued from an offshore natural gas platform which sank off Venezuela yesterday.

Politics drives Caracas up the wall

CANVASSING for support has acquired a more literal meaning in the crucible of Venezuelan politics.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez hits out as coup is predicted for 2010

VENEZUELAN president Hugo Chavez has warned his opponents against mounting a coup attempt.

Venezuela ratchets up tension with Colombia

VENEZUELA and Colombia yesterday traded more insults as their simmering border dispute heightened again.

The game is up, says Chavez, in rant against golf courses

AT THE Caracas Country Club, the clack of golf balls and chatter of birdsong contrast with the cacophony of city life beyond the palm tree-lined confines of one of Venezuela's oldest and wealthiest clubs.

Chavez criticises Colombia over US military bases move

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez and his allies sought to criticise Colombia yesterday over a plan to host US troops that has stoked diplomatic tensions and divided leaders at a regional summit in Ecuador.

Chavez buys dozens of Russian tanks to counter 'US threat' in Colombia

PRESIDENT Hugo Chavez said his government will buy dozens of Russian tanks because Venezuela feels threatened by a pending deal for the US military to increase its presence in neighbouring Colombia.

Chavez plans Russian tanks deal

VENEZUELA'S president Hugo Chavez said today his government will buy dozens of Russian tanks because his country feels threatened by a pending deal for the US military to increase its presence in neighbouring Colombia.

As revolution falters, Chavez targets media

THE tide is slowly turning against President Hugo Chavez. Venezuela's 21st-century socialist revolution is under threat, as many hospitals have effectively collapsed, crime is out of control and, for the first time in ten years, absolute poverty is making a comeback.

British boy, six, killed in air crash

A SIX-year-old British boy has been killed and eight other UK nationals injured after a tourist flight crashed in Venezuela, the Foreign Office revealed yesterday.

Chavez seizes tree plantation

HUGO Chavez, president of Venezuela, has seized control of a foreign-owned eucalyptus plantation, vowing to clear the trees and use the land for other crops as he seeks to tighten state control over food production.

Chavez joy as voters let him run again for presidency

HUGO Chavez and his supporters were yesterday celebrating a referendum victory that allows him to seek another term as Venezuela's president, as opponents complained that his use of state funds had made the campaign unfair.

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