VE Day anniversary

VE Day anniversary

Magna Carta anniversary voted as British national day

THE anniversary of the Magna Carta was named today as the surprise choice for a new national day to celebrate Britishness.

Veterans recall last day of war

BRITISH war veterans commemorated the surrender of Japanese forces in Singapore 60 years ago today, which formally ended the Second World War in south-east Asia.

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Tension rises as Asia marks 60th anniversary of Japan's surrender

ACROSS Asia, the 60th anniversary of Japan's surrender was marked by honouring the dead, burning Rising Sun flags and demanding compensation amid renewed tension between Japan and its neighbours.

Kamikaze bombers? It was all in a day's work for Andrew

HIS ship was hit by two kamikaze pilots in the Pacific, and he was ordered on risky invasions of North Africa and Sicily.

Old soldiers on parade for fallen of 60 years ago

THE oldest living Normandy veteran joined his Scottish comrades yesterday to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the war.

WWII veterans to meet with First Minister

VETERANS who served in the Second World War were meeting with First Minister Jack McConnell today at a reception in Edinburgh.

Russians honour war comrades

WAR heroes who crossed the Arctic under enemy fire to provide aid for Russian allies have been given a medal by the Russian Embassy.

Queen commemorates islands' liberation

THE Queen yesterday marked the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Channel Islands from Nazi rule, meeting Second World War veterans and islanders who lived through the German occupation.

World marks war's anniversary

WORLD leaders gathered in Moscow yesterday to mark the 60th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany with a military parade, bands and a fly-past by fighter jets.

Russians pay tribute to brave Scots who formed Arctic lifeline

RUSSIA yesterday honoured the Scots war heroes who braved the icy Arctic sea to get supplies to the Red Army.

Bush remembers Russian dead

WORLD leaders including President George Bush united in Moscow today to remember the tens of millions of Soviet citizens who died during the Second World War.

'British Schindler' is honoured

A SECOND World War hero dubbed "the British Schindler" for helping thousands of Jews escape Germany has been honoured in his home town.

McConnell joins forces with Scots veterans in paying tribute

JACK McConnell, the First Minister, joined thousands of people from across Scotland yesterday to mark the 60th anniversary of VE Day.

Europe falls silent as world observes VE Day

THEY were fewer in number than in previous years but the spirit of the dwindling band of brothers was undiminished.

Lest we forget why they died

IF THERE is one good reason to commemorate the 60th anniversary of VE Day, it lies in the fact that yesterday, in Berlin, 3,000 pro-Nazi demonstrators paraded to show their hatred of democracy and their continuing allegiance to fascism and racism.

VE celebrations begin where war ended

THE French defence minister Michele Alliot-Marie yesterday began the ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Moscow fury at EU may hit VE Day celebrations

RUSSIA hit back at the European Union yesterday after criticism from Brussels that it is refusing to acknowledge Moscow’s invasion of the Baltic States during the Second World War.

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