Foreign Office legal threat to Scot over abuse claims

THE Foreign Office is threatening to sue a former ambassador for publishing documents he says support allegations about British complicity with human rights abuses in Uzbekistan.

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58 more jailed over uprising

COURTS in Uzbekistan have convicted another 58 alleged participants of the May uprising in Andijan.

Uzbek ministers face ban on arms sales and visas after May killings

EUROPEAN Union governments banned arms sales to Uzbekistan yesterday and imposed a one-year visa ban on 12 top Uzbek officials they hold responsible for the deaths of up to 500 people in May, the European Council said.

First Muslim wins 'Miss England'

A TEENAGER who was born in Uzbekistan has become the first Muslim beauty contestant to be crowned Miss England.

Uzbeks to halt death penalty

UZBEKISTAN'S president Islam Karimov has ordered the abolition of the death penalty.

Kyrgyzstan sparks row over plans to deport Uzbek refugees

KYRGYZSTAN yesterday said it intended to send 15 refugees back to their native Uzbekistan, sparking a warning from United Nations officials who fear for their safety and say the handover would be in breach of international law.

US and Russia split over allies in Asia

THE beginning of a United States-Russia divide in Central Asia has opened with Uzbekistan's announcement that it will close an American airbase on its territory.

Uzbekistan serves eviction notice on US forces

US FORCES have been given six months to pack up and leave their military base in Uzbekistan - a move which will deliver a major blow to American operations in Central Asia, including Afghanistan.

US given deadline on military departure

RUSSIA, China and the central Asian states yesterday told United States-led troops to fix a date for their departure from military bases in the area, including Uzbekistan, that were set up to support operations in Afghanistan in 2001.

UK government under fire over aid to Uzbekistan

MINISTERS have come under fire for increasing financial aid payments to Uzbekistan despite the massacre of pro-democracy protesters by government forces in the Central Asian republic last month.

MoD rules out Uzbek return

BRITISH soldiers will not be sent back to Uzbekistan to train with the central Asian republic's military forces, the Ministry of Defence said last night.

Uzbek leaders accused of covering up a 'massacre'

HUMAN rights monitors yesterday accused Uzbekistan's leadership of trying to cover up a "massacre" by blocking an international inquiry into the killing of protesters last month.

US warns of Uzbek terror attacks

THE United States has warned of potential terror attacks in Uzbekistan, possibly targeting its interests.

British military hardware 'was used in Uzbek massacre'

BRITISH military equipment was used in the massacre of hundreds of protesters in Uzbekistan, it was claimed today.

Uzbek leader seeks support from China

UZBEK president Islam Karimov has left on a visit to China, which has provided a rare note of support for the authoritarian Central Asian leader.

Uzbek activists claims government soldiers killed 500

AN Uzbek rights activist, Gulbakhor Turayeva, yesterday said she had seen 500 bodies in the city of Andijan after troops fired on protesters, despite the official claim that 169 died.

Pressure grows for Uzbekistan killings probe

THE US, NATO and the European Union have joined the United Nations in pressing for an international probe into the alleged killing of hundreds during an authorit-arian crackdown in Uzbekistan.

Uzbek leader snubs UN riot probe

UZBEK President Islam Karimov has rejected requests for an international inquiry into a bloody crackdown in the town of Andijan, the UN says.

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