US sniper killings

US sniper killings

Families of snipers' victims get £1.5m

THE manufacturer and dealer of the rifle used in the Washington sniper shootings have agreed to pay around £1.5 million in a settlement with victims’ families.

Ohio sniper suspect arrest

A MAN suspected of two dozen sniper shootings that terrorised motorists on highways in Ohio was arrested at a Las Vegas motel yesterday.

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Police name Ohio sniper suspect

POLICE have named a man they believe is responsible for a series of sniper attacks along roads in Ohio that has left one person dead and terrorised motorists for months.

Teenager sentenced to life in jail for sniper attack

LEE Boyd Malvo, the teenage sniper, was yesterday sentenced to life in prison for his role in the shooting spree that terrorised the Washington area and left ten people dead in 2002.

Teenage sniper is sentenced to life

TEENAGE sniper Lee Boyd Malvo has been given life in prison for a killing spree in the Washington area that left ten people dead in 2002.

US sniper to be executed

A UNITED States judge has sentenced Washington sniper John Allen Muhammad to death for his role in the October 2002 killings.

Washington sniper sentenced to death

THE Washington sniper John Allen Muhammad was yesterday sentenced to death for his role in the killing spree in 2002 that terrorised the United States’ capital and left ten people dead.

Sniper spared death penalty

A JURY in the United States has decided against the death penalty for Lee Boyd Malvo, the teenager convicted of one of the murders in last year’s Washington sniper killings.

Teenage sniper faces life jail term

TEENAGE Washington sniper Lee Boyd Malvo was last night spared the death penalty - the fate which awaits his mentor, John Allen Muhammad.

Sniper penalty

JURORS in the trial of Lee Malvo, the Washington sniper, began deliberating yesterday on whether to sentence the teenager to death or life in prison without parole for his part in the shooting spree.

Sniper facing death decision

AN American jury was considering today whether Washington sniper Lee Malvo should live or die, after the teenager was convicted of capital murder.

Teenager found guilty in Washington sniper spree

LEE Boyd Malvo was last night convicted of capital murder for his role in last year’s sniper attacks in Washington, DC, after a jury rejected claims that teenager was brainwashed into taking part in the three-week reign of terror that left ten people dead.

Malvo 'insane'

LEE Boyd Malvo was legally insane during last year’s sniper spree because of intense indoctrination by John Allen Muhammad, a defence psychiatrist has testified at Malvo’s trial.

US sniper 'mastermind' faces the death penalty

JOHN Muhammad, the convicted Washington sniper, faces the death penalty after the jury that found him guilty of murder recommended yesterday that he be sentenced to death for one of the killings that terrorised the United States capital last year.

US sniper unmoved by death verdict

JURORS decided yesterday that John Allen Muhammad should be executed for masterminding the deadly sniper attacks that terrorised the Washington area for three weeks last autumn.

Convicted sniper threatened to kill estranged wife

THE former wife of the convicted sniper mastermind, John Allen Muhammad, testified at his sentencing yesterday that he had threatened to kill her three years ago, after the couple separated.

Sniper suspect guilty of murder

JOHN Muhammad was last night facing the death penalty or life in prison without parole after being found guilty of one of the sniper killings which terrorised the United States last year.

US sniper awaits fate

WASHINGTON sniper John Muhammad was waiting today to hear if he would face the death penalty after being convicted of using a high-powered rifle, a battered car and a teenage sidekick to murder and terrorise people.

Sniper accused to plead insanity

A TEENAGER accused of being one of the Washington snipers pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder yesterday on the opening day of his trial.

Sniper taunted police, jury told

A CRIME scene investigator yesterday said he found a tarot card scrawled with the words "For you Mr police call me God" near the school grounds where a 13-year-old boy was shot during last year’s Washington-area sniper spree.

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