US / EU trade

US / EU trade

Minister slates US move to trade barriers

BRITAIN last night risked a diplomatic row with the United States after a minister accused Washington of hypocrisy for throwing up barriers to foreign trade.

Trade talks set to fail world's poor once again

WHATEVER face-saving measures are taken, the meeting in Hong Kong this week to wrap up the current development round of world trade talks will almost surely fail the only test that matters: whether such an agreement promotes the poorest countries' development.

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Is Hong Kong just a stage on the road to nowhere?

BOB Hope and Bing Crosby made a successful series of On The Road ... films. But they were funny. It's not so funny for humour-bypassed trade negotiators traipsing the world - Seattle, Geneva, Cancun, London, - in search of a free-trading world economy.

Negotiators in bid to break trade deadlock

A GROUP of key trade negotiators will meet in Geneva next month in an attempt to break the deadlock in World Trade Organisation talks.

Scotch beef and lamb labels 'safe' from WTO

FORTY one of Europe's specific product quality labels, such as Parmesan cheese, are under threat in World Trade Organisation negotiations.

US reopens case over Airbus aid

EUROPE'S woes deepened last night when the United States government said it would resume a trade case alleging that the European Union is providing illegal subsidies to Airbus, the major competitor to the US-based Boeing.

US warns of backlash if EU lifts ban on arms to China

THE United States gave the European Union a blunt warning yesterday against lifting a ban on selling arms to China, saying it could expect a reaction from Washington if it went ahead.

EU agrees to negotiate over aid to plane giants

THE European Union has confirmed a willingness to alter the terms of a 1992 pact with the United States that spells out how much state aid can be given to rival aircraft makers Airbus and Boeing.

EC warns Bush over threat of new trade war

THE threat of another trans-Atlantic trade war intensified last night after the European Commission warned US president George Bush over his bullish statements demanding an end to what he describes as "unfair" subsidies to the plane-maker Airbus Industrie.

EU demands farm reform from US

THE European Union has said in advance of today’s first formal session of the World Trade Organisation talks in Geneva that the United States must agree to reform its farm policy in return for concessions the 25-nation EU has already tabled for the talks.

Greenspan hits back at EU trade tariffs

ALAN Greenspan has launched a thinly-veiled attack on the escalating trade war between the US and European Union.

President to face election backlash for trade move

POLITICAL fall-out from President George W Bush’s decision to lift the import tariffs cushioning the US steel industry could have critical repercussions for his re-election hopes.

Steeled for meltdown

AS A boy, Mark Glyptis would sit at the supper table of an evening listening to his father and grandfather swapping tales of life inside the steel mill, whose chimney stacks belch steam across the depressed town of Weirton in West Virginia.

Bush backs down on steel tariffs

PRESIDENT George Bush last night avoided a major trade war as he bowed to international pressure and lifted the controversial tariffs on steel imports to the United States.

US set to axe steel tariffs

A FULL repeal of America’s steel tariffs is imminent, ending a six-month standoff that threatened to escalate into an all-out transatlantic trade war.

US given more time in steel row

THE European Union has given the United States a few more days before nations start applying billions of pounds in trade sanctions in retaliation for US steel tariffs declared illegal under international law, the World Trade Organisation said today.

Prediction of peace in transatlantic trade war

A LONG-RUNNING transatlantic trade dispute over tax breaks for American exporters will be resolved soon, according to a senior United States official.

Brown seeks to ease transatlantic tension

CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown was today expected to call for smoother trading conditions between the United States and the European Union in the wake of recent rows over steel exports and the prospect of a tit-for-tat trade war between the regions.

Chancellor to tackle US trade tariffs

CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown will this week address the impending trade war over steel and tax breaks between the European Union and the US - a problem he believes is costing Europe £100 billion a year.

US gets a rough ride from WTO

THE US faces up to £1.3 billion in European Union trade sanctions after a World Trade Organisation appeals panel ruled that US tariffs on imported steel were illegal.

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