US elections

US elections

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Republican race: Five wins put clear water between Mitt Romney and his top rivals

A FIVE-STATE sweep for Mitt Romney finally killed off a fading challenge to his Republican crown, as the de facto presidential challenger turned his guns on president Barack Obama.

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Analysis: Why the race for the White House has yet to catch fire

Mitt Romney’s methodical accumulation of Republican convention delegates is no thing of beauty, and the public is reacting in kind.

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Profile: Mitt Romney - The Mormon millionaire aiming to oust Obama

The former governor for Massachusetts is the perceived front-runner in the Republican race as successive challengers have fallen by the wayside. His narrow win in the Iowa caucus today consolidates his leading position.

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Kenny Farquharson: Romney just the best of a bad lot

THE greatest political show on Earth rolls into town on Tuesday as Republicans in Iowa hold their caucus to select the least worst candidate capable of carrying the fight to Barack Obama in the US presidential election in November. Surveying the field of candidates is a pretty grim business but that’s life (and politics) for you.


Pastor’s anti-Mormon blast exposes split in US right

A SPAT over a presidential hopeful’s Christian credentials has exposed concerns among America’s religious right over a would-be candidate’s Mormon faith.


No easy ride for Obama's bus in Iowa

ON HIS visit to the US Midwest this week, President Barack Obama was asked by an Iowa mother named Emily at the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah what had gone wrong.

Barack Obama battling back to ensure Iowa result is not the last straw

President Barack Obama will launch a political counter-offensive this week, weighed down by withering support among some of his most ardent backers, a stunted economy and a daily bashing from the Republicans campaigning for his job.

Leader: Buffett shakes up the tax-the-rich debate

AMID the rancour that is American deficit-reduction politics, the mega- millionaire Warren Buffett has uttered the unspeakable in Republican circles: the mega rich should pay more tax.

Race for 2012 US election begins

AND they're off. The starting pistol was officially fired on the 2012 US presidential election yesterday as six Republican presidential hopefuls competed in a highly scrutinised straw poll while Texas governor Rick Perry announced his intention to run for the White House.

Texas governor sets out his stall

Conservative Texas governor Rick Perry appears poised to enter the race for the Republican presidential nomination, a move certain to shake up the contest.

Texan Perry follows Bush trail towards White House

AS THE Republican Party flounders in its search for a presidential candidate, the stage is being set for a Texas governor who once ruled himself out as too conservative to run.

Republicans expected to scupper Obama's plans for taxing the rich

Republicans holding up an increase in the United States Government's debt limit - a move that could produce the first ever debt default, shaking global markets - were expected to push ahead with a dramatic spending cut plan this week that will not get past the White House.

Debt crisis may help Obama woo independent voters

It's possible the debt-ceiling debate will turn out badly for US president Barack Obama. For now, however, it may be helping his image with a vital group: independent voters, who have decided the last several elections. He's certainly playing to them.

US pores over Sarah Palin's 24,000 email pages

MORE THAN 24,000 pages of emails released on Friday from US Republican Sarah Palin's first 21 months as governor showed her involved closely in the day-to-day business of Alaska while trying to cope with the increasing pressures that came with her national prominence as the Republican candidate for vice-president in the 2008 elections.

Newt Gingrich maintains campaign despite departure of top aides

Former United States House speaker Newt Gingrich has seen the wheels fall off his presidential campaign, with his upper echelon of aides quitting.

Sarah Palin's tour hints at push for presidency

AS SARAH Palin embarks on a tour of America's east coast in a suspiciously campaign-like bus, the Republican faithful continue to search for their "yes we can" candidate to take on Barack Obama in 2012.

Democrats playing long game over healthcare reforms

United States senators have rejected a budget plan that would have transformed the country's cash-strapped healthcare programme for retirees, setting out a key battleground for next year's election in the process.

Romney emerges at the head of the Republican pack

Mitt Romney is emerging as the man to catch in the narrowing Republican presidential field: he has a clear head start in fundraising, organisation and experience despite vulnerabilities that still might undo him.

Donald Trump: I will not run for president - but would've won

Billionaire real estate magnate and television personality Donald Trump said yesterday that he will not run for the White House in 2012, thinning the field of potential Republican candidates.

Barack Obama riding high in popularity poll

President Barack Obama's approval rating has hit its highest point in two years - 60 per cent - and more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected, according to a poll taken after US forces killed Osama bin Laden.

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