University drop-out rates

University drop-out rates

Quarter more university students than 10 years ago

THE number of people going to university has risen by nearly a quarter in Scotland over the past decade, according to new statistics.

Fears more students will drop out as jobs dry up

HARD-UP students struggling to find a part-time job because of the recession will be forced to drop out of university if the Scottish Government does not step in with extra funding, it was claimed today.

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Report: Scotland could do better

ONCE it was only the intellectual elite and aristocrats who went to university but, during the last century, all that has changed, as the higher education sector expanded exponentially.

Row over 'Mickey Mouse' degrees

AN argument blew up today over the value of so-called "Mickey Mouse" university degrees in subjects such as equestrian psychology and golf management.

Merit in higher education

SHOULD universities in Scotland discriminate in favour of pupils from state schools, as opposed to independent ones, when allocating places to popular courses, even if the state pupils are less well qualified? In fact, according to Universities Scotland, the umbrella body for Scotland's institutions of higher education, this has already been the general policy for the past five years.

Universities giving state school pupils' applications preference

SCOTTISH universities might give extra weighting to state school pupils when dealing with oversubscribed courses, education officials have admitted.

£10m plan to tackle drop-out rates from universities

UNIVERSITIES are to receive extra financial help in an attempt to tackle Scotland's high student drop-out rate, it was announced yesterday.

Concern over drop in number of Scots on postgraduate courses

THE number of Scots students taking postgraduate courses has slumped since devolution, The Scotsman has learned.

University challenge that must be met

'EDUCATION," said Kim's Lama, "is greatest blessing if of best sorts. Otherwise no earthly use." I suspect this was Kipling's own opinion, and many of us would agree, even while admitting that it is difficult to say just what the "best sorts" may be. Historians, looking back on the past half-century, may well judge the huge expansion of our universities to have been one of its most remarkable features.

Funding body to tackle drop-out level

FUNDING officials are planning to get tough with universities and colleges with high student drop-out rates.

Scots economy 'is being put at risk by falling undergraduate numbers'

Key quote "All the evidence suggests that in the long term, the economy will need more graduates. Therefore, if this kind of trend continues, we could find ourselves in a serious situation." - Alan Mitchell, assistant director of CBI Scotland

Concern as engineering graduate numbers slump

THE number of graduates leaving Scottish universities with an engineering degree has slumped by more than one-quarter since devolution, new figures show.

Gap year cover

NOT all students are getting ready for university.

Private schools offer 'survival training' to tackle university drop-out rate

SOME of Scotland's leading private schools are giving lessons in the basics of survival to help pupils cope at university.

Fears for economy as the number of young Scots going for degrees falls

Key quote "Labour market projections tell us that all the new jobs in the Scottish economy in the future are going to be graduate-level jobs. If we can't fill those jobs because students are being put off higher education, it could seriously hold back our economic development. Scotland has been too complacent about this for too long." - Robin McAlpine, spokesman for Universities Scotland

More students quit amid debt worries

RECORD numbers of students are dropping out of Scottish universities amid fears that rising debt is making it impossible for them to continue studying.

Warning over drop in number of Scots going to university

THE number of Scots going to university has dropped for the first time in five years despite attempts by the Scottish Executive to get more people into higher education.

School-leavers turn their backs on study to find a job

THE proportion of Scottish school-leavers going on to university or college has dropped to its lowest level in five years as more young people opt to take jobs instead.

Universities bridge poverty gap

TWO of Scotland’s top universities are attracting more students from poor areas than they did when Labour came to power, according to figures published yesterday.

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