Under the Radar in-depth

Under the Radar in-depth

Under the Radar editorial: Can unsigned bands go it alone?

Remember what music was like 'B.I.' (before internet, pictured right)? Before file sharing, iTunes, MP3 blogs, Last FM and Spotify, not to mention social networks like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Under the Radar editorial: The sharp end of the hatchet job

In a recent On the Radar profile, Andrew Cowan of Glasgow band Lyons suggested a blanket of hyperbole is smothering Scotland's music scene.

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Guest blogger: Japanese War Effort's rough guide to Edinburgh

In every scene, gig attendees are as crucial as the musicians performing and around the Auld Reekie right now there's a plenitude of inspiring experiences to be had for audiences. I consider myself a listener as much as an artist, and getting to local gigs is often as rewarding as playing them, so here is a quick run through of the focal points of the Edinburgh scene.

Track by track: There Will Be Fireworks

There Will Be Fireworks: It's not so much a name as a statement of intent.

Full Metal Racket: An introduction to Scottish metal, part one

Metal is a much maligned, often ignored genre, with a public image soured by the sweaty whiff of ageing men with long hair and leather jackets.

Hinterland 2009: The Interview

For many, the idea of a Scottish festival at the tail-end of April is as preposterous as it is horrifying.

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