Under the Radar bands

Under the Radar bands

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Under the radar

STEVEN Milne wears a lot of different hats. He's lead singer of local Aberdeen heroes, The Little Kicks, a booker, a DJ and he also runs his own indie club night, Dirty Hearts Club. He has also recorded his own fantastic solo album, Chasing Phantoms, which is set for release on Aberdeen label Bedford Records on 1 November.

Up and coming: Flesh

Who are Flesh?

Under the radar

OUR track of the month is provided by Highlands-based Rachel Sermanni, who caused quite a stir at the GoNorth showcase event in Inverness earlier this month.

On the radar: Silver Columns

Play: Silver Columns - Cavalier

On the radar: The Last Battle

Play: The Last Battle - Oh Best Beloved

On the radar: Burnt Island

Play: Burnt Island - Music and Maths

On the radar: Stanley Odd

Play: Stanley Odd - Think of a Number

Interview: Frightened Rabbit - Mixed Drinks, bacon rashers and Songs of Praise

If it were possible to plot the trajectory of a band in graphical form, Frightened Rabbit's would form an upward curve, growing slowly around 2006's Sing The Greys and then rocketing skyward since the follow-up.

On the radar: Miaoux Miaoux

Play: Miaoux Miaoux - Dream On

On the radar: Over The Wall

Play: Over The Wall - Thurso

On the radar: Divorce

Play: Divorce - Early Christianity

On the radar: Incrediboy and the Forget-Me-Nots

Play: Incrediboy and the Forget-Me-Nots - Cinderella on the green button

On the radar: Django Django

Play: Django Django - Storm

On the radar: The Darien Venture

The Darien Venture: Television Was Called Books »

On the radar: Stanley

Track: Flowers

On the radar: Panda Su

Track: 'Eric is Dead' »

On the radar: This Silent Forest

Play: Falter Discover »

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