Uncertain investments

Uncertain investments

Closing Bell: Diverse investments make sense as firms' shares take a plunge

LET'S start with a question. What do you think current and former employees of Vodafone, RBS, HBOS and BP have in common?

Investors told to go global as UK market gets rocky

INVESTORS are being urged to go global to protect their finances from rocky markets as the UK enters a period of severe spending cuts.

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Turmoil boosts bank savings

SCOTLAND'S savings institutions have seen billions of pounds flood into their coffers as a "flight to quality" gathers pace following weeks of stormy stock markets.

'Worst is yet to come' in credit crisis

GLOBAL stock markets remain on high alert amid warnings that the full impact of the credit squeeze has yet to emerge.

Markets remain a good bet in spite of high volatility

THE markets have been experiencing significant volatility as problems in the US sub-prime mortgage sector have rippled out across other countries and assets. But turmoil in the credit markets should be placed into a longer-term context.

Employees share City jitters

MILLIONS of workers across the UK, everyone from supermarket checkout assistants and bank clerks to bus drivers, will have been watching the stock market turmoil of the last month with a growing sense of apprehension.

The bearish take their honey out of the stock market

BEARS, even bears of little brain, are famously good at finding the honey. In searching for his sticky treats, Winnie the Pooh argued that it was better to seek advice from someone who didn't use long difficult words but rather short easy ones such as "What about lunch?"

Cheap cash gets the credit for averting crash

JUST after 8am New York time on Friday, thousands of pagers and mobile phones around the world bleeped into life and relayed the news - the crash might just be averted.

Friday's bounce gives opportunity to sell off shares

IT WILL take strong nerves for investors not to panic over the coming weeks as stock markets continue their bumpy ride down. However, Friday's bounce in prices may open a window for the jittery to get out.

Weather the stock market storms

INVESTORS will this weekend be nursing their wounds after taking a battering during last week's stock market storms. Even more worrying are ominous whispers about dangerous days to come, with higher mortgage costs and stalling house prices.

Scepticism best defence against investment scam

Q: I recently received a brochure through the post offering the opportunity to invest in a wine club. I found this rather puzzling: buying cases from a wine club I can understand, but I can't see why anyone would join one as an investment. Is this a scam?

SWUF takes the huff over control of property fund

A BATTLE has broken out between a division of Scottish Widows and the board of the Balanced UK Property Trust, an investment trust previously managed by Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP).

A small player but we're in a global club

THE Investment Club has unfortunately been caught up in the world currency market turmoil and this has adversely affected its unit price, which has fallen by 2p to 237p.

US woes add to chill wind spreading across world markets

INVESTORS will be looking for stability today, after world shares dropped for a third day on concerns about economic growth and the outlook for corporate profits.

Jargon puts British off dabbling in stock market

CONFUSING industry jargon is the main reason why more people in Britain are not dabbling in stocks and shares, according to a new survey from NatWest Stockbrokers.

Hundreds lose splits fight

HUNDREDS of investors who complained to the Financial Services Ombudsman about split-capital investment trusts have seen their claims for compensation rejected because "they could have been expected to know the risks involved".

Savers may follow safer option with tracker fund

STOCK MARKETS have recently shown encouraging signs of turning. Many investors may now consider going into equities but are nervous about stock-picking or selecting the right fund. Tracker funds could be the answer.

Take a share of hidden perks

WHY do investors buy shares? There are two main reasons - to receive a regular dividend and to see the value of their investment grow as the share price rises. But there is a third way of benefiting: Some companies reward investors by offering perks.

No picnic for bears but a bit of patience will pay off

I HAVE a positive stance on investment returns, but I appreciate that few share my optimism. Experts still predict gloomy times ahead, but what’s new?

Widows cuts pay-outs for fourth time

SCOTTISH Widows, the life and pensions firm owned by banking giant Lloyds TSB, has chopped pay-outs to 1.3 million "with-profits" policy-holders - the fourth such cut in the past 18 months.

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