UN spying row

UN spying row

UN calls off bug inquiry

THE United Nations has called off an internal inquiry into the discovery of a secret listening device at its European HQ in Geneva without finding out who planted the bug or when.

Short's war allegations dismissed by Cabinet secretary

BRITAIN’s most senior civil servant yesterday contradicted claims by Clare Short that Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, took the country to war without proper Cabinet discussion.

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Angry Labour MPs leave 'disloyal' Short isolated

CLARE Short was left isolated in the Labour Party yesterday as her fellow MPs lined up to denounce her at a meeting where they discussed what disciplinary action to take.

Real reason behind the failure of the Gun case will cause even more problems

ODD one out round: Princess Diana, Peter Mandelson, Arthur Scargill, Kofi Annan. The answer, of course, is Clare Short.

Whistle-blower tipped by Downing St mole

THE collapse of the trial of GCHQ ‘whistle-blower’ Katharine Gun was caused by a tip-off to her defence team from within Tony Blair’s government, it was claimed last night.

Secrets and lies

THE admission from the Crown Prosecution Service, delivered by ashen-faced lawyer Mark Ellison, was a relief, but no surprise. "There is no longer sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction," the senior Treasury counsel said, in a belated acknowledgement of the realities of the case against Katharine Gun.

Short fights backlash in wake of spy claims

CLARE SHORT was battling against a Labour backlash today over her claims British agents bugged United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Outbursts are a devalued currency

CLARE Short has been a thorn in Tony Blair’s side both in and out of the Cabinet.

Wherever there are diplomats, spooks are not far away

"ANYONE who turns up to negotiate with the British government expects to get bugged," was the comment of a retired senior diplomat yesterday. "And we expect they will try to bug us."

Secretary general highly respected

KOFI Annan performs a political juggling act as the secretary general of the United Nations, balancing the interests of the richest and most powerful nations with the concerns of the developing world.

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