Ex-president denies role in murder

Ukraine's former president Leonid Kuchma has denied involvement in the 2000 murder of opposition journalist Georgiy Gongadze and said he was ready to go through "all the torments of hell" to prove his innocence.

Ukraine detains its former interior minister

Ukraine's security service detained former interior minister Yuri Lutsenko yesterday, his political party said, the latest move in a crackdown on the previous government since president Viktor Yanukovich took power.

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Iron bars and chains - it's the only language Ukraine MPs understand

UKRAINIANS were still shocked yesterday following a night brawl in parliament which surpassed even the eastern European country's previously impressive record of political fisticuffs.

Ukranian opposition close parliament

Opposition deputies in Ukraine's parliament blocked access to the chamber, forcing yesterday's session to be cancelled, in a second protest against austerity measures.

Ukrainian PM drops electoral challenge

UKRAINIAN prime minister Julia Tymoshenko yesterday dropped her legal case challenging the election of Viktor Yanukovich to the presidency, saying the court could not be trusted to bring in a fair verdict.

Ukraine election result suspended as prime minister claims fraud

UKRAINE'S presidential election results, giving the victory to Russia-friendly Viktor Yanukovych, were suspended yesterday pending review of his rival's appeal.

Pro-Moscow leader claims Ukraine poll win

OPPOSITION leader Viktor Yanukovich emerged as the apparent winner in Ukraine's presidential contest yesterday, holding on to a lead of almost 3 percentage points with about 99 per cent of ballots counted.

Gas crisis solved with 10-year deal

RUSSIA and Ukraine signed a ten-year gas supply deal yesterday to clear supplies to Europe, cut off for nearly two weeks by a dispute between the ex-Soviet states.

Kremlin meeting fails to resolve gas crisis

A KREMLIN conference on the gas crisis gripping Europe failed to produce an agreement to restore supplies of Russian natural gas via Ukraine yesterday.

Russia cuts off gas supplies to Europe

RUSSIA cut off all gas supplies to Europe today in a dispute with its neighbour.

Nineteen dead in Ukraine gas blast

AN EXPLOSION ripped through an block of flats in southern Ukraine on Christmas Eve, killing at least 19 people, including two children.

13 poisoned after train is derailed

UKRAINE has evacuated more than 800 people after a train carrying yellow phosphorus derailed, spreading a deadly cloud over dozens of villages.

Ukrainian mine tunnel collapse

A TUNNEL collapsed at a Ukrainian mine yesterday, killing four miners and injuring one.

President and PM in face-off over new election

A POWER struggle between Ukraine's president and prime minister deepened yesterday, as both men refused to back down over a new election and threatened each other with prosecution.

Tymoshenko adds her voice to defiance of Ukraine's president

VIKTOR Yushchenko said last night his decision to dissolve Ukraine's parliament was final and warned his long-time rival against resorting to force.

Putin offers assurance to Ukraine

RUSSIA'S President Vladimir Putin, left, has assured Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko that Moscow wants good relations with the country.

Suspicious baby deaths 'feed stem-cells market'

NEW-BORN babies who died in suspicious circumstances in the Ukraine are being used as a source for stem cells, a campaign group has claimed.

Ukraine remembers 10 million killed by Stalin's famine

UKRAINE began solemn commemorations yesterday to mark the 73rd anniversary of a man-made Soviet-era famine that killed one-third of the country's population, a tragedy that Ukraine's president wants recognised as an act of genocide.

Nine dead and 10 missing after mine explosion

THE bodies of nine miners have been recovered after an explosion tore through the Zasyadko coal mine in eastern Ukraine today.

Ukraine parties form coalition

The parties behind Ukraine's Orange Revolution have agreed to form a coalition government and give the former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko back the job she lost last year, putting their differences behind them after months of tense talks.

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