UK earthquakes

UK earthquakes

Shaken but not stirred – Dumfries rocked by 2.3 magnitude quake

AN EARTHQUAKE with a magnitude of 2.3 was recorded in Dumfries and Galloway, seismologists confirmed yesterday.

Disbelieving Shetlanders shaken by quake

GARAGE owner John Burns thought his brand-new home was about to collapse on top of him when he was rudely awakened from a deep sleep yesterday morning.

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Insurers braced for quake claims

INSURANCE companies are bracing themselves for a deluge of claims after yesterday's earthquake.

Residents not shaken by Midlothian quakes

FEW people could mistake Midlothian for southern California. But after experiencing two earthquakes in just over a week, the residents of Penicuik may be feeling just a little closer to the people of San Francisco.

City hit by sixth quake in a month

MANCHESTER had its sixth earthquake of the month yesterday.

Quake damages 800 homes

MORE than 800 homes were damaged in the biggest earthquake to hit Britain in five years, it emerged yesterday.

Earthquake damages homes and cuts power

AN EARTHQUAKE in Kent saw homes evacuated and power lines dragged down yesterday.

Earthquake rocks island of Unst

A STRONG earthquake - one of the largest of its kind in a decade - has been felt on the Shetland island of Unst.

Small earthquake shakes Dumfries ... nobody hurt but animals slightly panicked

POSTMAN Elliot Crosbie froze as his bungalow began to shake.

Hogmanay Earthquake in Perthshire

An earthquake measuring 2.

Biggest Highland earthquake in 20 years

IN WORLD terms, it barely rated a blip on seismographs around the globe, but the earthquake which shook the Fort William area yesterday was the biggest to hit Scotland in 20 years.

Earth moves for Wales as quake hits

THE earth moved for people in North Wales on Valentine’s Day when an earthquake hit.

Welsh quake

NORTH Wales was rocked by an earthquake yesterday, according to the British Geological Survey.

Perth quake was biggest for 15 years

AN earthquake that hit Perthshire during the night was the biggest to hit the area for 15 years, it was revealed today.

Europe warned to expect massive earthquake as anniversary nears

EUROPE is due for another huge earthquake like the one which hits Portugal in 1755 killing an estimated 60,000 people, it was revealed today.

Central Scotland hit by a trio of earthquakes

THREE earthquakes, the strongest measuring three on the Richter Scale, were felt in central Scotland yesterday.

Three quakes hit Scotland

THREE earthquakes, the strongest measuring three on the Richter Scale, have hit Scotland.

City centre evacuated after three earthquakes

MANCHESTER was hit yesterday by three earthquakes, which blew out windows, caused structural damage and cut off power.

Fresh earthquake rocks Manchester

MANCHESTER was shaken by another small earthquake today, the British Geological Survey said.

Struck by a very British earthquake

SCOTT Deakin, a barman at the Crooked House pub in Dudley, thought a plane had crashed; Alex Potter believed Birmingham had been hit by a bomb; while Peter Baker supposed Armageddon had arrived.

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